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Madi - A Tribute 3

Dear friends - Sorry for not getting to you before but these have been hectic days around here. First of all let me tell you we feel very sorry about the lost of Madi. I know she was a very special dog for you and you have lived great moments together. I hope your other dogs fill that space from now on. You have to be proud for all the good you and Madi have brought to the breed and other people who I'm sure they are grateful in many senses. Our best wishes for you and your dogs – Jon and family (Spain)


We were all deeply saddened by the news of Madi and the children were especially fond of her in particular following our visit to you all earlier in the year. You are in our thoughts. Wishing you all a very happy New Year and success in all your endeavours. Best Wishes from all of us. Rachel, Fred, Emilie and Thomas 


Hi Ian and Jill - I’m very sorry to hear of your sad loss, Madi will leave a huge void in your home and the hearts of all those who met her. Everyone who was luck enough to have know and met Madi are blessed for the time they spent with her and the huge difference she made in the lives of those she touched. Thank you for letting me know, my thoughts are with you both at this sad time. Denise Wilson (Pets As Therapy Development Manager)


Ian and Jill - We were so sad to hear about your special friend Madi. Having met her we know just how wonderful she was. Bernese are all very special but as you say Madi was one in a million. You will really miss her, however, you can take comfort from the knowledge that she had a great life. The rest of your troop will also miss her but it will help you both that you have them.

Thinking about you all.  Greg & Pauline (Northern Ireland)



Hi Ian & Jill - We are very sorry to hear about the sad loss of Madi, it is really sad news, please accept our deepest sympathies. We now have our own Berner and fully understand your loss, they are such a warm and friendly companion, they truly have a strange effect on people…as if they connect in some very deep subconscious way. Jurinda and I have been looking out for you at the dog shows but have probably missed you in the crowds, we would very much like to drop by and say hello and let you see our new edition to the family. Look forward to hearing from you. Mike & Jurinda Cowe (Sunderland)



Dear Ian and Jill - We just heard about your sweet girl Madi. We are so, so sorry for your loss, Madi sounds like she was a wonderful dog. A wonderful Therapy Dog! Cherish all the memories of what she gave to everyone. We are sending along this little Berner Angel Pin in rememberance of your beloved Madi. With Hugs Renee Jacquier with Cooper, Jersey and Mammoet and Karen Connors with Simone (America - Texas)


Hi. So sad to hear about Madi x .she must have been some dog bringing a smile to a lot of face's ...thinking of you all xxx  Diane Currie


Jill and Ian - So sorry to hear about your loss, Jill and Ian, We lost Arthur in February so I am qualified to say I think I know how you feel. We love them so much it hurts so much when we loose them. Yvonne (Guisborough)



Hello - I am very sorry what happened with your Madi. It was a shock to read it. Sometimes heals the wounds, but she will always remain in your heart. I wish you all the best in this time. Love Greetings from Silke and Cali (Germany)   



Dear Jill - So sorry to read your web page and find that Madi has passed away and is away over to the rainbow bridge i’d like to hope that she meets my dog Chloe there and is having lots of fun Kind regards Doreen (Scotland)

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