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Jodi - A Tribute

Jodi was a beautiful girl.  She was very intelligent like her mother. She always knew when it was the weekend.  During the week when I came downstairs to go to work, she never stirred.  If it was the weekend she would be sat at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me to take her out for her walk with Uschi and Madi.  She couldn't wait for me to get ready, not Jodi. The moment I appeared at the top of the stairs she would start whining and barking, desperate to go out for her walk.  She always had to go first. When we were out walking, if she saw another dog she would go charging off to meet and greet, have a sniff and after about 10 seconds lose all interest and carry on her way.  If ever I walked with somebody regardless of whether or not they had a dog, she used to sulk and not walk with us.  She used to like people, but not like Madi who would go to anybody without question, Jodi was more selective.  She didn't like men and didn't like people coming into the house.  However, if she was your friend she was your friend for life. We used to take her over to the Farm to our friends where all the dogs had the run of the place, but Jodi used to sit at the gate waiting for her friend Lol to give her biscuits, she was Lol's favourite girl. However, they moved away to Shropshire, about two years later Lol came to see us and I remember saying to him "don't be upset if Jodi doesn't come to you, she doesn't seem to like men anymore". Anyway, he came in and sat down on the sofa and we let Jodi in, she charged into the room, saw him and promptly jumped up pinning him to the sofa whilst she licked him to death, delighted to see her old friend again!!  We have been to visit Lol and his wife Mais in Shropshire a few times and Jodi was always excited and happy to see them both again.                                               



When I used to come home from work I would often turn the corner to see Jodi sat with her head resting on the window sill waiting for me. When I used to come home from shopping  and put the bags on the floor, Jodi would be first to see what there was.  If I turned my back, she often used to steal a cheese scone or give the bread buns a nasty suck!!


She was also Pia, our blind dogs best friend, they loved each other and were always together in the house. From the minute Pia came to us as an 8 week old puppy Jodi and Pia became best friends, maybe it was because they had the same father, who knows. When Pia had her sight she and Jodi loved to run and play in the orchard at the farm. You would often go into the kitchen to find Pia snuggled into Jodi in the corner, never anybody else. We are sure Pia will miss her as much as we will.


For all that we still have several other dogs, that we love very much, the place just isn't going to be the same without our beautiful girl's Madi and Jodi, who were a delight to share our lives with.  They will both be very sadly missed in the Staubach house. 

Here are some of the emails received about Jodi our beautiful girl: 


Hi Ian and Jill - So sorry to hear about Jodi, without her we wouldn't have our beautiful Misha who is an absolute joy.  So thank you Jodi and rest in peace. x   Helen, Chris and the boys

Dear Ian and Jill, a word of condolence for you both,just read your news about Jodi,we are so so sorry,especially so soon after Madi and being her daughter.I really can't express the feelings i would like to show you,hope and love will get you through.I had no idea that she had a hip replaced,she did marvellously and was gorgeous girl.very sad news. Love from Martin and John and all here.


Hi Ian & Jill - I'm so sorry to hear of your second sad loss in such a short space of time. Ian I could hear the sadness in your voice yesterday - the photograph of Jodi is quite beautiful I promise to make her painting beautiful too. I will get back to you at a more appropriate time, thinking of you both. Hugs Carol


Hello: We are so sorry to hear about jodi i remember meeting her and what a lovely girl she was. All our best wishes Roy and Karen


Dear Ian and Jill - Just a few words of commiseration on the loss of Jodi. What a sad time it seems to have been over recent months, I hope that  your remaining dogs bring you comfort at this difficult time.
Very best wishes Donna & Giff

Hi Ian and Jill - We're all very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Jodi. Your certainly getting your fair share of tragedy in the last few months. We just wanted to let ye know that we're thinking about you during this sad time. Regards Pat, Majella and Family. (Ireland)
Hello Jill and Ian - Just a little note to say how sorry we are to hear about your lovely Jodi. I know she was very special to Jill even if she did bark at Peter! She was such a pretty girlie and her 2 pups looked very sweet. It is unbelievable that they will be the same age as Heidi now.How quickly time goes.Thank goodness you still have a houseful of bernese which may make it a bit easier.At least she did not suffer and had a wonderful life with every care and attention from you both. Thinking of you Love Margaret Peter and Heidi x
Hi ian and Jill - So sorry to hear about Jodie, she was a great dog, she always made us smile. It was her fantastic character that made our minds up to get Sasha. I will always remember the reunion day when Sasha and Jodie went "missing" They weren't very old, Sasha was still a pup. They soon appeared again, I'm sure it was just Sasha showing Jodie around her farm, they were both having great fun. Maybe they're exploring again to-gether, getting up to tricks!
They  leave an empty space in our lives, like you, even with the other dogs, our house is not the same.
Hope to see you soon, Bud, Neil, Lou and Ems.
Hi Jill & Ian - So sorry to hear about my friend Jodi. I have tried looking at your web page but everytime I do I start to cry. Will try again later Love  Lol & Mais

Hi Ian & Jill - So sorry to hear of your sad loss so quickly after Madi’s going, it must be all the worse for that. Think too of happy times, though - I remember when you brought Madi and Jodi to see us and Harley, Jodi's brother, the weekend of the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and we walked through the village with the three dogs, causing quite a stir at the street party!  Sadly the three are no longer with us but each has so enriched our lives that their memories stay with us. Regards Hazell Will & Hughie


Hi Ian and Jill - Really sorry we've not got back to you but we have been to a friend's wedding in Spain and only got back last night, couldn't believe the news when we read it , we are so sorry for you both. We were only sayingwhen we were looking to visit how Jodi is the only dog you still have now from when we first visited, she was only a puppy when we first came to your house. We totally agree with what you say on your website about how special a dog you saw being born and have then had all its life must be. We hope with all our hearts that the year gets betterfor you. Jude, Ade and the Boys


Hi Ian and Jill - We are so sorry to hear of your loss. It must be a really difficult time for you. I know you have the other dogs too but they all have their own special characters and i am sure she will be missed alot. I know the children took a special liking to Jodi when we came up and she was fantastic with them! I hope your memories of her will get you through this difficult time and once again our deepest condolences to you. We will get back in touch in a couple of weeks to see how things are going but for now will leave you to remember the good times you had with Jodi.                              Best wishes always Sam and Mark 


So sorry to read about Jodi, we didn't realise you had lost your lovely girl. Our thoughts are with you. Clare and Simon Chrispin.

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