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Solo Son

Solo - Sydney Royal Show April 2012


Solo - 18 months

Solo 7 months

Solo 6.5 mths Melbourne Royal - 1st

Solo 6 months

Solo 6 months

Solo 6 months

Solo 4.5 months

Solo 4.5 months

BMDCV- 2nd

Solo - 5 weeks

Solo - 5 weeks

Solo - 5 weeks

Cleo - Aus Ch.Oberlands Outward Bound

Solo with her mum Cleo


Geilo's Litters

Litter 7 (Frozen) - Dale Gudbrand's C-Geilo ZaLa at Staubach (Imp Nor) HD: 2/2 = 4 - ED: 0/0 x Aus Ch. Oberlands Outward Bound (Imp Can)HD: & HD: OVC. Prelim Unafected


Litter Pedigree please click on following link:

 This was Geilo's first litter from frozen semen, there was one female puppy, her name is Solo.



20th October 2012: Solo has just given birth to her first litter, she had a 14 puppies, 9 males and 5 females.

13th April 2012: Congratulations to Solo (Bernation Solo) for her success at the Sydney Royal Show where she won the Bitch Challenge.

30th December 2011: We have received the following news about Solo from her breeder: We went away showing this week for three days and there were four shows. There were 16 Bernese entered each day. At Central Highlands Kennel Club 27th December under judge Mr K. Summers, Solo took out Best of Breed with a 21 point Challenge. For the other three shows, she was awarded Reserve Challenge Bitch.



10th December 2011: Congratulations to Felicity and to Solo on becoming an Australian Champion. Solo is the first Champion daughter sired by our male Geilo. 


19th April 2011 - We have today received news that Solo has now had her hips and elbows scored, she has excellent scores of: Hips: 1/1 - Elbows: 0/0. Congratulations to Felicity her breeder.


October 2010 - Royal Melbourne Show, Judge Mrs Satu Yla-Mononen (Finland) - Congratulations to Geilo's daughter Bernation Solo, Winner of Minor Puppy class.


26th September 2010 -  "Hi Ian and Jill, we are rapt with Solo, so far so good. She has the most endearing temperament, a real tribute to Geilo. Her mother has a great temperament as well but I almost call her too pushy. Solo, just is a polite gentle pup who just won't leave my side when she is off lead.. she is just gorgeous. I saw Freya on your site, she looks really nice". (Felicity Broome, Bernation, Australia).



13th June 2010 - Congratulations to Felicity and Geilo's frozen puppy Bernation Solo (Solo) for their great result at the Australian Speciality Show on Sunday 13th June 2010. Solo was 2nd in her class, she was beaten by Nicole Lennon's puppy girl, another girl Rush from an older frozen litter from semen imported from New Zealand by Felicity was 3rd to Solo and her sister was 5th. We believe that Solo was one of the youngest in the class. In Australia puppies can be shown from four months old unlike the UK where it is six months old. The judges critique for Solo is as follows: Graded very promising: Strong very promising, correct bite, stong female head, not full pigmentation on the nose, good neck and topline, Excellent body and tail set. A bit soft in the pasterns. Moves with good drive, bit loose in the elbows. excellent termperament. Short coat, good markings. 

We are also very pleased for Felicity and Solo, the judges critique is very good - all we would say is that where the judge stated Solo was loose in her pasterns and a bit loose in her elbows and also that she did not have full pigmentation on the nose these are only to be expected in a very young puppy.

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