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Steffi - 17 months old

Steffi - 17 months old

Steffi - 17 months old

Joker - 17 months old

Elkie - Oct 2009


News Update

April 2010

April 24th - Yesterday Elkie had a few minutes of freedom off her lead on her own when we were out walking with the dogs, she had a great time. Today Elkie appears fully fit after her recent operation with no problems, when out for her walk with Geilo and Steffi she had a little longer of free play by herself loving every minute. It is so good to see Elkie back to her normal self, full of fun and very happy.



April 21st - Elkie had an appointment at the vets today to have her stitches removed, our vet was very pleased with her progress and how the wound has healed, we can now start to build up Elkie's exercise and can let her a a short spell of free time off the lead at the weekend on her own. When we think how serious her illness was and how quickly it developed, luckily we knew what to look for in a Pyometra having had Uschi have one when she was about the same age as Elkie.  



April 16th - We would like to thank all our friends for all their telephone calls and emails for news of Elkie's progress, it is nice to know we have lots of support.



April 15th - After a few days at home Elkie is getting on very well, she is eating a lot better and is very happy to be home, each time we go out all she wants is to go for a walk with us. We will take her for a short walk on the lead at the weekend, she will be longing for a free but she will have to wait, she has a vet's check up and her stitches out on Wednesday. 



April 11th - Welcome home Elkie, after speaking to our vet it was decided Elkie was ok to come home, she had been no problem while she was in the veterinary hospital but she was very happy to be home.



April 10th - This morning Jill visited Elkie in the verterinary hospital to see how she is progressing after her second operation,  she is quite bright in herself and as soon as she saw Jill she became excited and pleased to see her. This is the reason Elkie is in the recovery unit at the veterinary hospital as she needs rest and calm to help her recovery, any excitment and jumping may result in the wound being opened again, so Elkie will be staying there till she is reassessed on Monday. We speak to our vet at least twice each day for an update, he is pleased with her, the veterinary nurses are looking after her well and taking her for short walks.



April 8th - Elkie is still in the veterinary hospital after her second operation, she is recovering well and will be staying there in the recovery unit until Saturday at the earliest when she should be allowed home.



April 7th - At around mid-night Elkie was re-addmitted to our veterinary hospital after her wound had started to bleed, there were also signs of a slight swelling around the wound area. After examination Elkie was taken back into the operating theatre to undergo another operation, there was some damage to a muscle and this had to be repaired. Our poor girl Elkie is certainly having a bad week. 



April 6th - Happy birthday to Janka, Dale Gudbrand's Janka CaCh at Staubach, 3 years old today!!



April 5th - (Easter Monday) - Our plans to mate Elkie are not possible now, this evening Elkie was admitted to our emergency vets, she was showing signs of a Pyometra, our vet examined her and we were correct, Elkie was having a Pyometra and had to be spayed late that evening. She was allowed home on Tuesday afternoon, she is well but she is now spayed and cannot have puppies. We are very sad because Elkie is a beautiful female and of course the daughter of Geilo. The most important thing to us is that Elkie will be well, she will of course continue her work as a Therapy dog.,


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