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Happy Birthday Elkie

DCBS Show - picture by Christian Schmid

Steffi - 2nd Intermediate DCBS Club Show

Steffi - 2nd Intermediate

News Update

May 2010

24th May 2010 - Happy Birthday to Elkie, 3 years old today.  



16th May 2010 - We travelled to Germany to the Club Show of the DCBS, the show is held every three years and was held in Rieden in south east Germany, from home to Rieden was 894 miles, we drove through some beautiful country. The venue for the show was excellent, there were forests and meadows for walking the dogs in total freedom, we will be adding a new album of pictures of the show for more information. We exhibited Geilo, Joker and Steffi, we also took Elkie with us for a holiday, here are our results: Geilo - 3rd Open male. Joker - 3rd Intermediate male. Steffi - 2nd Intermediate female. The members of the DCBS made us very welcome to their show and country and we made several new friends in Germany. Visit the DCBS homepage  for pictures and results.



11th May 2010 - At last it is good to have Elkie back to her normal self now, she is going for walks and loves her time running free now with our other dogs, we have been very lucky with Elkie after she had her Pyometra. We have started to prepare Geilo, Joker and Steffi for the German Club Show this coming weekend, Elkie will be going with us for a short holiday. We are looking forward to our trip and showing in Germany, this will be the first time we have shown there.



8th May 2010 - Over the last week we have had problems with our web page being down, we have had many messages regular visitors to our website saying they could not access our site. Our site provider has now rectified the problem for us and we are now back on line again. Thank you all for your patience.

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