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12th September 2010: CAC - KBS Club Show, Birmensdorf, Near Zurich, Switzerland - Geilo: Open male - 29 in class, Graded Excellent, did not make final 5 in class. Judge: Mr Steve Green, England. Judges Critique: Good size male dog, with excellent bone and strength throughout, very strong head, good expression, good strong well angulated shoulders, and strong straight frontlegs, good depth of chest and correct level topline, correctly rounded rump, standing rather straight in rear angulation, moved o.k. from front, but lacking coordination at the rear, good calm temperament. Graded an excellent for his type. Elkie: Open female - 35 in class, (not graded as limped a little turning left). Judge: Mr Jens Ramsing, Denmark. Judges critique (translated by Lindy Kunz) Medium size, strong harmoniously built female with excellent type, very beautiful head, ears set back. Beautiful brown eyes. Good coat with good colour. Very good distribution of colour. Well angulated at back, at front pasterns a little weak. Movement, good drive at back at front somewhat lame. Not completley sound, pure in temperement, very calm and friendly not terribly self confident. Because of movement no score today.

Couple (Pair) Class - Geilo (Dale Gudbrand's C-Geilo ZaLa at Staubach) and Elkie (Tiggerifik Lady in Red at Staubach) Judge Frau Christel Senn, Switzerland - Well Elkie got over her slight limp in this class, we were delighted to be awarded 1st place, in 2nd place was a pair from Switzerland and in 3rd place a pair from Belgium.




7th August 2010: Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland - Championship Show - Judge's: Males, Ann Wells (Bernfold) - Females, Jane Keeves (Seevek)

Geilo: Limit - 1st - 8 in class class, 1 absent (judges critique) 1st Instone's Dale Gudbrands C-Geilo Zala at Staubach (Imp).  I haven’t seen this chap for a long while and I was surprised how well he has matured still could do with a stronger back end but he had one of the best front movements, very broad head almost too much good eye and bite correct tailset and carriage. (we agree with the judges comment on his back end).

Elkie: Graduate female - 1st - 4 in class, 1 absent. (judge's critique) 1st Instone's Tiggerific Lady In Red at Staubach.  Good head and expression, lovely dark eye.  Well set on ears, good bite. Balanced throughout with good front.  Moved well.

Steffi: Post Graduate -  Not Placed, 9 in class, did not make the first five.      


23rd July 2010: Leeds Championship Show - Judge: Mrs Brenda Banbury

Elkie: Post Graduate Female - 5th - 8 in class, 3 absent

Joker: Post Graduate Male - 4th - 4 in class, none absent 


19th June 2010: Border Union Championship Show - Judge: Mrs Kate Macduff (Torridonian) Geilo: Limit Male - 3rd - 5 in class  No critique given for 3rd

Elkie: Post Graduate Female - 1st - 5 in class, 2 absent. Elkie challenged for the Challenge Certificate, in the line up of 7 the judge only looked at Elkie and the winner of the Limit female class. The Challenge Certificate was awarded to the Limit winner and the judge then called in the female that was 2nd to it in the class, she then awarded the Reserve C.C. to this female: Instone's Tiggerifik Lady in Red at Staubach, 3 years. Beautiful head and correct bite, nice dark eye very feminine. Nice shape, good tight feet, moved beautifully.


16th May 2010: Deutscher Club for Berner Sennenhunde (DCBS) - Rieden. Judges: Herr Walter Schicker (males) - Frau Gisa Schicker (females)

Geilo: Open Male - Graded Excellent - 3rd - 16 in class - Strong and strongboned, typical head with masculine expression, strong stop, carries ears high. Slightly round skull, well developed depth of chest, sufficient angulation in front. well groomed and typical coat for the breed, friendly temperament, scissor bite, moves covering sufficient ground.

Steffi: Intermediate Female - Graded Sehr Gut - 2nd - 5 in classFriendly and calm, typical head, dark brown round eyes, carries ears high, correct neckline, straight medium strong back (line), straight front legs, depth and width of chest in accordance with her age, still soft in pastern/wrist area

Joker: Intermediate Male - Graded Excellent - 5 in class - Harmonious build. strong correctly proportioned head with masculine expression, eyes dark brown and almond-shaped, carries ears average height, strong back(line) with matching chest width, correct stance, shiny coat typical for the breed, straight back, convincing movement.


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