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Ryan, Amy, Pat and Majella

Amy with Joker

Infinity Bridge near Tees Barrage

Jodi - Painting by Carol Pontin


News Update

June 2010

24th June 2010 - Congratulations to our young 19 month old imported German female Steffi who has passed her assessement to become another of our working Therapy Dogs. Steffi will be  visiting the Special Needs School and Ecology Centre where Madi used to visit, she has four giant paw prints to fill as Madi was a very special therapy dog who loved working with children. We have no doubt at all that in time Steffi will be as good as Madi with the children.



19th June 2010 - We left home this morning at 05.45am for our drive to Kelo for our first UK Championship Show since last year, we had entered Geilo and Elkie (see show results page for more information).  We arrived at the show ground where it was very windy and cold most of the day. A few weeks ago we had visitors to our home and they invited us to call in and see them on our way home from Kelso as we would pass their home. So on our drive home we stopped at the Northumberland home of Tim and Tammy Bourne and their family. By now the weather had improved and we went into the garden with Geilo, Elkie, Steffi and Joker where they all had a great time playing with the family on the gardren. After a while Elkie was nowhere to be seen, I looked towards the house to see her inside with her front feet on the kitchen sink watching us all on the garden. We were all made very welcome - thanks to Tim, Tammy and family for your hospitality.


14th June 2010 - Today we received show news from Felicity the breeder of Geio's puppy Bernation Solo who was produced from Geilo's frozen semen that we sent to Australia, yesterday Felicity  showed at the Australian Speciality Show, the judge was Mrs Satu Yla-Mononen from Finland. Felicity said she had a good day and it was interesting watching Satu's judging. Geilo's daughter Bernation Solo (Solo) was 2nd in her class, she was beaten by Nicole Lennon's puppy girl, another girl Rush from an older frozen litter from semen imported from New Zealand by Felicity was 3rd to Solo and her sister was 5th. In Australia puppies can be shown from four months old unlike the UK where it is six months old. The judges critique for Solo is as follows: Graded very promising: Strong very promising, correct bite, stong female head, not full pigmentation on the nose, good neck and topline, Excellent body and tail set. A bit soft in the pasterns. Moves with good drive, bit loose in the elbows. excellent termperament. Short coat, good markings. 
We are also very pleased for Felicity and Solo, the judges critique is very good - all we would say is that where the judge stated Solo was loose in her pasterns and a bit loose in her elbows and also that she did not have full pigmentation on the nose these are only to be expected in a very young puppy. As soon as we receive a new picture of Solo we will add it to our homepage.



13th June 2010 - Our friends Pat, Majella, Amy and Ryan from Ireland made a final visit to see us and the dogs. When they arrived it was raining, as the morning went on the rain stopped and they were able to take Uschi, Steffi and Joker for their final walk before they had to leave for home. After leaving our home at 2.00pm they had a three hour drive to Stanstead Airport for their evening flight back to Cork. We are sure they all had a good weekend, the weather was good for them and we were able to go on plenty of dog walks and show them some of the area where we live.  In the family group picture opposite Ryan has Joker, Amy has Uschi and Majella has Janka, the picture was taken in the woods on the bank of the river Tees near our home. We have added a few pictures from our walks taken by Pat.


12th June 2010 - Today we were able to take the dogs for a good walk with our friends from Southern Ireland - Pat, Majella, Amy and Ryan, we went walking through the woods along the river near our home, while walking Pat took many pictures of the dogs. After our walk we went to the Barrage on our river where we were watching a seal swimming in the river and watched people water skiing. In the evening we were joined by our friend's Grahame and Angela, we drove to Great Ayton where we went for a meal in a local country pub, we ended an entertaining evening (you had to be there) at Grahame and Angela's house.


11th June 2010 - It is with saddness we report the passing of one of our puppies owned and loved by Bob and Jackie Minns, his name was Scheidegg (Staubach Eis von Scheidegg) born January 13th 2003 and was 7 years 5 months old. He was a son of our wonderful Therapy dog Madi, his father was Ridgewater Skychief of Glanzberg. We would like to thank Bob and Jackie for giving Scheidegg a wonderful home and life, they said ' ''he will be greatly missed as he was a fantastic dog with a marvellous temperament and he brought so much joy to our lives over the last seven years''. Sleep well Sheidegg from all of us here at Staubach, we hope you are with your mother Madi and older sister Jodi now at the Rainbow Bridge.


11th June 2010 - After an early morning flight from Cork to Stanstead our friends the O'Donovon family arrived from Southern Ireland for a weekend visit, after driving from Stanstead they arrived at our house in the early afternoon. After the last few days of rain here they brough some good weather with them and we were able to take the dogs out for two good walks, we hope the weather stays nice for the rest of their visit.



9th June 2010 - We have now had a head study picture painted by Carol Pontin of our recently departed Jodi, she was a daughter of Madi and half sister of Jorka, we are delighted with the painting, as usual Carol has painted a great likeness of one of our dogs. We have added a copy of the painting and the photograph from which it was painted to our Art Gallery page, Carol has put her heart into each of the pictures she has painted for us, they are all very acurate of each dog. If you would like to see more of Carol's paintings look at our links page for link to her to her homepage.

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