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Geilo Litter 8 - 3 weeks old

Joker at Leeds CH Show

Litter 8 - 2 weeks old

Dex, David & Mel at Wedding in Italy

Dex & Mel in Bern

Bernation Solo 4.5 months

Geilo puppy from litter no.8 1 week old

Geilo & Merlin

Geilo, Elkie & Merlin

Geilos litter8 born 2nd July - Day 1

Eagle Owl at Duncolme Park

News Update

July 2010

26th July 2010  - We have now received some pictures of Geilo's litter number 8 age 3 weeks old, we will add them to Geilo's litters page over the next few days.
24th July 2010  - Today was the first day of Leeds Championship Show, we had entered Elkie and Joker. It is always nice to go to this show, it is held in the grounds of Harewood House near Leeds, when you are sitting watching the judging you can also admire the fantastic aerial displays of the wild Red Kites gliding above. In his class Joker was very playful and did not really want to show the judge how well he can move, he was happy to stand and let her go over him but as soon as we had to move he was just being a very happy bouncy boy at his first outdoor show. The weather was nice too so he must have thought it was playtime. He was placed 4th in his class, on the way back to the van I ran him and would you believe he decided he would like to move correctly, pity he did not do this in the ring. Still he had a good day and that was important. In Elkie's class she was doing very well, she ran round the ring with the other dogs perfectly, the judge went over her, no problems. The judge then asked me to run round with Elkie again but this time she limped a little and of course the judge had to move her back, she too was 4th.
The female that was second in Elkie's class is a daughter of Geilo from his litter number three, she is two years seven months old, her name is Kyleburn Night Souvenir, she is owned by Carrie and Shaun Nield who live near Edinburgh in Scotland.
In the Open female class was another daughter of Geilo's, she is the Crufts 2010 Reserve C.C. Winner Clashaidy Nidelva Flowing of Balahunz, who is two years eight months old from Geilo's second litter was placed fourth. At this show her owner Yvonne Fisson-Bates entered her in this class instead of the Limit class which she should have been in.
18th July 2010  - Today we received sad news from Tina and Paul Sutton and their family that  they had to give their beautiful girl Jasmine sleep today, Jasmine was 7.5 years old and a daughter of our gorgeous Madi from our litter 4. The whole family are totally devastated with the loss of Jasmine. Tina said that Jasmine has left such a gap in their lives and thanks us for such a beautiful girl. We would like to thank Tina, Paul and all the family for giving our puppy Jasmine a wonderful home and life with them all.



18th July 2010  - We have received pictures today of Geilo's puppies in litter 8, they are now two weeks old, to view them please see litter 8 on Geilo's litter page.



16th July 2010  - Dear Ian and Jill, We have to apologize for such a delayed email, as we have just returned from a month in Europe for our wedding followed by our honeymoon. We have been reading your website the past couple of days since we returned home and we are so sorry to have been out of touch these past few months, as it was non-stop chaos planning the final stages of a destination wedding in Italy with guests from six countries. Happily, everything was absolutely perfect in the end and we had an amazing time catching up with family and introducing our overseas guests to Dex. My parents in the US have not met Dex but have heard about him for months! They LOVED him. He went everywhere with us from boat trips to the rehearsal dinner and David and I had to nearly pry the lead out of my dad's hands at the end of the weekend!  


We are just starting to get back to normal after a long absence and settle into married life. For the wedding, suffice it to say, Dexter was absolutely the STAR of the wedding and being the ham that he is, LOVED all the attention. Our wedding was held on 18 June in Northern Italy at a villa on Lake Maggiore. David and I drove from the UK as it was the most logistical way of traveling with Dex. On the way there, we stopped for a few days in Switzerland and especially enjoyed taking him to Bern. Needless to say, he was treated like a local celebrity and people stopped us left and right to compliment him and also applaud his lovely swiss flag collar we bought especially for the wedding. On a sidenote, while we are used to getting compliments on Dex in London, in Switzerland people went absolutely mad, with several telling us he is absolutely gorgeous, with great markings etc. We have NO idea what the breed standard is for these things in show circles but it made us feel really good to hear how much high praise he got from people who seem quite familiar with the breed. We are biased of course, but we agree he is gorgeous and also often comment how much he is starting to resemble Geillo more and more as his features develop. We are thrilled as we fell in love with Geillo from the start. After the wedding we spent the weekend with family before leaving for our honeymoon in Portofino and Tuscany, and then on to Provence. All lovely countryside areas which suits the 3 of us very well. We found we travel together extremely well and it will be hard for us to ever take a holiday without Dex after this. For more picture's of Dex and the wedding see Geilo's litter 6 page.

15th July 2010 - We have been sent some pictures of  Dexter, one of Geilo's puppies from Litter 6 attending the wedding of his proud owners Mel and David. 


12th July 2010 - Hope you like the picture of the female puppy Bernation Solo age 4.5 months, she is the puppy bred in Australia from our first attempt of sending Geilo's frozen semen, for more pictures and news about Solo please view litter number 7 on Geilo's litters page.  



11th July 2010 - We hope you like the pictures of the puppies from Geilo's litter number 8, we will be adding pictures of his recent litter number 9 as soon as we receive them. We have had some pictures of this litter but unfortunatly they were in the wrong format and we could not add them, as soon as we receive them in the correct format we will add them. To view all news and pictures of Geilo's puppies click on the page heading Geilo's Litters on the left side of our homepage.  



6th July 2010 - Congratulations to Geilo on the birth of his second litter in one week, there were four male's and one female. More news and pictures over the coming weeks, see Geilo's Litters page for more information.



4th July 2010 - Today we went to the Steam Fair at Duncolme Park near Helmsley in North Yorkshire where we met up with the Pennine Carter's group. We went to see Karen and Roy Bull who have one of Geilo's male puppies Merlin, kennel name Jezmona Bruno, (see Geilo's litter 6). Merlin is 9 months old, we will add some pictures on Merlin and some of the carters display soon. There is also a picture of Geilo with his daughter Elkie and Merlin.



2nd July 2010 - Congratulations to Geilo on the birth of his latest litter, more news and pictures over the coming weeks, see Geilo's Litters page for more information.










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