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Steffi, Janka & Uschi

Freya & Leo

Leo and Freya





Me and my Dad!!

Freya 14 weeks

Freya covered in Seeds not Fleas!!

Freya - 13 weeks

Freya with Dad

This is a big lead!!!

Freya - 13 weeks

Freya - 13 weeks

Freya with Majella, Janka & Elkie

Janka (picture & above by: Pat ODonovan

Freya - 12 weeeks

News Update

October 2010

23rd October 2010 - We visited Tammy and Tim Bourne in Northumberland to see their Geilo son Leo, he is from Geilo's litter number 9 bred by Barbara Baldock in Lincolnshire. When we arrived at their home and entered the house we were met by Leo, seeing him alone he looked far bigger than Freya, after a while we went out on the garden with Leo. He is a striking puppy, his tail never stopped wagging, he was introduced to his half sister Freya, when they met they just stood apart looking at each other, you can see they are related, Freya has a thicker coat. He was then introduced to his older half sister Elkie and cousin Janka, after a few minutes we returned a few to the van as we did not want the two puppies getting too playfull and running around the large garden. We then brought out Leo's father Geilo so we could see father and three of his children, at the same time Steffi came out to see Leo, he was not bothered by all the dogs at all, in fact he had a great time with them. After a short time we returned all our dogs to the van and went inside, Leo was now happy to lay down and have a well earned sleep after his adventure. We always like to see any of Geilo's puppies if possible, it is nice to see them and meet their families, we will add some pictures of our visit soon.


We had news from Dave Watson who is the owner of one of Geilo's puppies - Jezmona Lina, born 18th September 2009, she has just had her hips and elbows x-rayed under the BVA/KC Scheme, the results are very good. Her hip score is 4/0 and Elbow score 0/0.


16th October 2010 - We have new pictures of puppies from Geilo's Litters 6, 8 and 9, to see these go to Geilo's Litters page, we also have new pictures on our News Update page for October. 


15th October 2010 - Each day we find new experiences for Freya, today she met the security officer at the Forest School I go to with the dogs, he was dressed in his bright orange coat, safety helmet and goggles. As always Freya was not upset in any way, the bright orange coat, saftey helmet and goggles were not a problem to her, she was very happy to be played with and loved every minute of her time with him. Before the children returned to school she was happy to let them give her some small treats, we are very pleased with her progress, at 15 weeks old we think she will be a great Therapy dog when she is older.


14th October 2010 - This evening Freya completed her four week puppy socialisation course with flying colours, she will have a two week break and start a new training course.


13th October 2010 - A few weeks ago we took Freya along to our vets surgery where we just sat in the waiting room for ten minutes, she then met the vet and nurses, this was her first introduction to visiting the vets, she had no treatment it was just a social exercise to make sure she was ok at the vets. This had proved a good idea as today Freya had an appointment to have her blood taken for her Rabies test for her Pet Passport. As we thought Freya was very happy with the vet and nurse who took the blood sample. She has a very sound character is is very friendly to everyone.


9th October 2010 - For more new pictures go to Geilo's Litter's page, we have added a picture of Leo a male puppy to litter 9, also his sister Mehre. Pictures also added to litters 6 & 8.



2nd/3rd October 2010 - This weekend we had a visit from our friends Pat and Majella from Cork in Southern Ireland, this time they came alone leaving daughter Amy and son Ryan at home to look after their male Bernese Bailey. After very heavy rain the few days before they arrived we had a break in the weather. On Saturday morning when Pat and Majella arrived they were greeted by Freya our new puppy, they both thought she was beautiful and very friendly. We were able to take the dogs for a good walk as it had dried up quite well, after taking all the girls out for a walk we then took out Geilo and his daughter Freya who is now thirteen weeks old. At this age Freya does not have long walks so we took her just a short distance and she and Geilo walked around the small green behind our house. In the afternoon Pat, Majella and Ian went to the Barrage on our local river where they had a good time watching seals in the river, they even saw one eating a fish. On the evening we all went to a nice country pub for a meal, we did not know that Sunday was Majella's birthday. Unfortunatly on Sunday morning we had heavy rain and were unable to take any of the dogs out for a walk so Pat and Majella spent their remaining time with us playing with the dogs in the house. They took several pictures of the dogs so we hope that there may be some nice pictures arriving to add to here. We all had a good weekend even though today was not good.  

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