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One eyed fox

Catch the Snowball


Geilo & Elkie

Steffi & Janka


Geilo & Freya


Freya the Punk rocker

Geilo the Snowman






We will go home now



I just need a rest

I am OK Dad

Geilo and Freya

Freya and her half brother Leo 4.5 mths

Solo in Australia - 7 months old

Happy Birthday Pia

Pia tucking in

Janka getting in first!

Steffi and Freya getting their share

The Cake

Steffi - 2 years old

Steffi - 2 years 10th November

Geilo, Uschi, Janka & Elkie

Geilo with the children

Harry, Sam and Josh

Josh with Freya

Uschi, Steffi & Janka


Steffi, Janka, Uschi

News Update

November 2010

29th November 2010 - During the night we had very heavy snow fall, at 3.00a.m. this morning I (Ian) was taking pictures of three foxes from our bathroom window. When we later looked at the pictures we noticed that one of the foxes only has one eye, we noticed this from the flash in the eyes. We do not know the sex of this one but we have named it Pia after our female who is blind.


The snow was so bad the school I go to with the dogs was closed due to the heavy snow, at the moment it looks like the school will be closed most of the week. When Jill left home for work this morning what is usually a 10 minute drive at the most turned out to be almost one hour, the roads were very bad all the way. So as Jill has plenty of holiday to take and they had no post at her office due to the weather she decided to have half a days holiday so we could take the dogs out for another walk in around our area. Again all the dogs loved it, Geilo would stay out in the snow all day, it appears his daughters Elkie and Freya and his niece Janka are the same too, their Norwegian breeding must have a special snow playing gene. We have been very lucky today and were able to take some good action pictures of Elkie and also a nice action picture of Janka and Steffi.


28th November 2010 - Today we have lots more snow, we have added some new pictures of Geilo, Freya and Steffi from our walk today. We have started to add news to our Special page for Freya, this page is for her Therapy Training, we will be adding further news and pictures as she progresses. See her page "Freya In Training". 


27th November 2010 - The weather reports here are for the snow to last at least ten days, with frequent snowfall it is getting deeper, today all the dogs went for their walk in the snow. One the top field near our home where there is a small plantation the dogs love to run in and out of the trees, as they rushed by the small tree's hitting them clouds of snow fell on them. We think this is Geilo's favourite time of year, he loves to run, play and roll in the snow, he is always covered in white powder snow. He must remember his time in Norway as a puppy living on the farm before we could bring him home, we went to see Geilo in Norway when he was 6 months old, we had not seen snow like this before. We took Geilo for a walk over the fields to take pictures of him, we waded through knee deep snow, he loved it, after taking pictures he decided to run back across the field to the farm house, when we arrived back he was sat on the verandah waiting for us. We could read the look on his face - 'what kept you two so long, I have waited here for ten minutes for you'.


25th November 2010 - Our first snow arrived today, by early evening we had a deep cover of snow, this was the first time Freya had seen snow, like all our dogs her first impression of this soft cold white fluffy stuff was great. She played on our garden running up and down tasting the snow, as it melted on her toungue you could see in her eyes and expression what she thought of the snow.


20th November 2010 - Today we had a visit from Tim and Tammy Bourne, they have Leo a male puppy from Geilo's 9th litter bred by Barbara Baldock from Lincolnshire, he is one week younger than our female puppy Freya. What made today a special visit was that we also had Barbara and Pauline Bullock here so it was nice for her to see how Leo was now he is 4.5 months old. We have added some pictures of Leo and his half sister Freya to this page and Geilo's Litters page (see litter 9).


14th November 2010 - We have a new picture of Geilo's Australian puppy Solo, 7 months old.  


11th November 2010 - Wishing our very special girl Pia a Happy 8th Birthday. As you will see from the pictures today Steffi was happy to share her special birthday cake with Pia for her birthday before all all our dogs had a piece to celebrate both Steffi and Pia's birthdays. 



10th November 2010 - Today Steffi celebrated her second birthday, this year her birthday fell on a Wednesday which is one of the days Steffi visits Beaumont Hill Special School in Darlington. When we arrived we went to the Sensory room and spent time in there with her friend Amy, this was the first time Steffi had been in this room so everything was new to her. When we returned to the main classroom a party had been arranged for Steffi, yesterday the children with help from Amanda and Trisha made her a very special birthday cake, as soon as Steffi saw it her ears pricked up. All the children sang Happy Birthday to Steffi and Lisa one of the girls in the class gave Steffi her cake, after eating and enjoying her cake Steffi was given a present from Bethany one of the other girl's. The afternoon was very nice and Steffi had a great party, the cake was so big she brought it home to share with all our dogs. 

After all the children left school it was time to take Freya into class, as soon as she walked through the door she could smell the cake, after exploring the room and playing for a while Freya was allowed a small piece of Steffi's cake. As each week passes you can see the confidence that Freya has, today the door was open into the corridor, Freya only went to the door once to have a look outside to see if there was anyone there. She loves to meet people and there is usually another adult comes into the room to see her. The time Freya spends is about fifteen to twenty minutes, this is great training and socialisation for her, before we left Freya saw some apron's on a clothes horse (do we still  call them this) Freya spotted a ribbon tie back on one of them and decided it would be fun to pull it. One big fast tug and over it all went crashing to the floor, Freya was not upset by the sudden noise and nearly being covered in all the clothes.
Thank you to everyone at school who made Steffi's second birthday special.


7th November 2010 - Next week is a Birthday week here, on Wednesday 10th Steffi will be two years old, the children at school are baking her a cake and having a party. The following day our beautiful special girl Pia will be eight years old.


6th November 2010 - Please view our Guestbook for our latest visitors comments.


1st November 2010 - We have another beautiful autumnal day, the colours of the tree's near our home are stunning. This was good because we had visitors from St Helens, they had previously had a puppy from our litter 3 from Tascha, unfortunately their male Paddy died earleir this year. Our visitors Adrian and Judith Taylor had their three sons, Josh (9) Sam (7) and Harry (4) with them, Josh was only about 18 months old when they collected Paddy from us. After introducing all our dogs to them in the house we took Geilo, Elkie, Uschi and Janka for a walk with them. All the boys had a dog each to look after, once off the leads the dogs and boys had a good time running and having many pictures taken. On the way home we stopped by a farm gate for more pictures, Harry loved to walk Geilo on the lead, he was so big compared to Harry, the size did not matter Geilo walked very well with Harry and did not make any attempt to pull him.


When we arrived home we asked if the boys wanted to see Geilo pulling his cart, they had not seen this before, Josh helped put Geilo's harness on, Harry helped with the chains and being the smallest and lightest he sat in the cart. As we were walking round Josh, Sam and Harry all took turns to walk Geilo with the cart, they were all very good and Geilo was happy to work with them.


On returning to the house it was time to see Freya again, she had not seen any children like this in our house before, she was very good with them and she had a great five minutes play time with the boys, this is more good socialisation for her for the future as a Therapy dog.


Oh!! seems we have forgotten to mention Judith and Adrian the boys mum and dad - they were here and they also had a good time with all the dogs. Before leaving for their drive home Josh asked to look at our book to make sure his name was top of our list for a puppy when we next have a litter, he was very pleased to see his mum and dad's name where he wanted it to be. 

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