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Jodi - Therapy Dog

JODI - Staubach Mountain Thrift

Daughter of Madi

At the age of six months two days Jodi was Assessed and passed as a Therapy visiting dog, at that time she was the youngest dog to be passed as a therapy dog, Jodi started her therapy visiting at a local Residential Care Home. Every week during our visits we would rotate her visits with her mother Madi and Uncle Heiko (Madi's litter brother) so she had half an hour visiting with the residents. She was an instant hit with the residents who were fortunate to see her from starting her visits as a gorgeous fluffy six month old puppy.  Her weekly visits were eagerly awaited by all - except the Matron who was not a dog person at all, when she saw any of our dogs visiting she would take a short detour to avoid us. After a few months the Matron was a little more tolerant in that she did not avoid the dogs, she was ok as long as she was one side of her desk and they the other, this was still a big improvement.


I was invited to give a talk at a school in Darlington about Therapy dogs and the work we do with our Bernese, when giving a talk all the children there immediatly fell in love with Madi, she just sat on the floor next to them while they all gave he big hugs. Like her mother Jodi has fantastic temperement and is another great ambassador for the breed while doing her therapy work, one of Jodi's litter brothers was also assessed as a Therapy dog in another part of the country, he visited a local care home in his area.

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