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Freya Christmas Eve

Steffi Christmas Eve

Janka Christmas Eve

Hudson - Geilo Litter 1


Freya 5 months

Freya and Geilo








Janka & Uschi


Guess who!!

Freya 5 months


Uschi and Madi 2005

Finally got the deer!!

Geilo & Freya



Elkie with a twig stuck to her bum!

Pia enjoying a run

Pia enjoying the Snow


The Air ambulance


The Lane



News Update

December 2010

29th December 2010 - The weather over the Christmas holiday has been perfect for our dogs, we have been able to take them out for walks every day in the snow, it has been very cold but this has not been a problem for us going for walks. While out on our walks near our house we have seen many species of birds, deer, foxes squirel's and taken lots of pictures of all our dogs in the snow and tree's. Starting yesterday the weather changed, the snow started to thaw and we have had rain so today it is very wet with no snow at all.


24th December 2010 - We still have lots of snow here, it will be very nice to have a White Christmas, the snow is lasting and it is very cold, all the dogs are having a great time. The snow around our home is beautifull, we have taken hundred's of pictures of all our dogs in the snow. This is Freya's first Christmas and like all our dogs she loves the snow, like Steffi she is very photogenic, we will be adding new Christmas pictures.


21st December 2010 - We hope you like the new picture of Hudson, he is from Geilo's first litter and he is the brother of Elkie. The picture was taken by his owner Kathleen during the first snow in December at his home in the highlands of Scotland. We always look forward to receiving our Christmas picture's of Hudson, the scenery for his picture's in beautiful. (see Geilo's Litters page, litter 1 for more pictures of Hudson)


19th December 2010 - We have had a fresh fall of snow today and have been out with the dogs taking more pictures - as you can see from the pictures they love going out in the snow, especially Janka  who loves rolling on her back in it - makes a pleasant change to what she normally rolls in!!


16th December 2010 - It is one year today since we had to say goodbye to our beautiful girl Madi, she is in our thoughts every day, the children at school still talk about her and miss her.


11th December 2010 - Today is the 5th birthday of Casji's puppies, Heidi - Tascha - Becky - Harvey and Barney, it is hard to believe that like Jodi's litter they are five years old, time has passed very quickly. We know Heidi has recently returned from another good holiday to the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland where she is a frequent visitor to Grindelwald each year.


9th December 2010 - Today is the 5th birthday of Jodi's puppies, Misha and Delilah. We have heard from Misha's owners Helen and Chris, they say that Misha has loved all the snow we have had over the last few weeks. To celibrate her birthday she had the traditional burger birthday cake complete with candles and went for a lovely long walk across the fields on her birthday! She is missing the two boys who are both away from home now at University.


5th December 2010 - Today was another good day for walking the dogs in the snow, as we were walking up the lane we looked into the tree's behind our house and could see one of the Deer grazing. Today Ian had the camera and was able to take some pictures, we have added the best picture to this News Update page and also to our page Staubach Country. We also have added more picture to our Staubach Country page, you will find a picture of some tree's full of Magpies, a bird in flight - you may be able to identify it for us, we think it might be a Bittern, there is also the picture of the Deer. We are very fortunate that we have a vast amount of wildlife on our door step, we were not fast enough to take a picture of a Grey Squirel or the Heron flying overhead, just as I was about to take it a tree got in my line of sight. We hope you like these pictures as well as the picture's of our dogs. We have also received a picture of one of the puppies from Geilo's litter number 9, his name is Bean, he is the brother of Leo from Northumberland whose picture we added recently. 


4th December 2010 - We are still in the middle of an 'ice age' here, the snow is getting deeper each day, all the dogs are still loving it, they are all excited when they go for their walks. Today when we took out Janka, Steffi and Uschi I (Ian) forgot to take the camera, big mistake, you should always have your camera with you living where we are. As we were walking home two deer jumped out from the tree's, they were only about 20 yards from us, they stood there for a few minute's and then ran off, if I had the camera I would have been able to take a good picture of them. So when we took out the rest of the dogs I had the camera with us, no further sighting's of the deer, only the Air Ambulance Helicopter overhead, we were able to take some more winter pictures of Elkie, Geilo and Freya playing in the snow.


When we returned after our walk we decided to take Pia out for a short walk, she too loves the snow, she enjoyed her short walk as you can see from the picture's of her with Jill. The snow is deep behind our house and being blind is not a problem for Pia, she is a wonderful girl, and nothing bothers her, she copes with everything and is a very happy girl as everyone who has met her will agree.


1st December 2010 - We received some pictures from Karen and Roy Bull of their Geilo son Merlin, to see these picture's look at Geilo's Litter's page and look on litter number 6. We still have lots of snow here, we have had heavy snow all day, my (Ian's) school visits with Steffi, Geilo and Elkie have been cancelled this week due to the school being closed for the very bad weather.



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