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Freya with her Grandma - Freesia

Freya with her Grandma - Freesia

Freya with her Grandma - Freesia

Tillie - 6 months - Freyas sister


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News Update

January 2011

28th January 2011 - This morning we spoke to the breeder whose female has the litter of 14 puppies sired by Geilo, the puppies are now one week old and all is well with them at the moment. They are being well fed and cared for by their mother and breeder who has very good support from family and friends.


25th January 2011 - All puppies doing well, they have now had their dew claws removed, mother doing very well and recovering nicely from her ordeal.


23rd January 2011 -  We have spoken to the breeder who has the litter of 14 puppies, all is going well with the puppies and they are being well fed and cared for.  


22nd January 2011 -  We have received a picture from the owners of Bean one of Geilo's male puppies from his litter number 9, go to Geilo's litters page to see this latest picture of Bean age 6 months. 



21st January 2011 -  Congratulations to Geilo on the birth this morning of his latest litter, and of course not forgetting the mother, a wonderful litter of fourteen puppies, YES!!!  fourteen. The mother gave birth to seven male's and seven female's. We will be adding news and picture's over the coming weeks to Geilo's litter's page and this page when we receive them from the breeder. Check out Geilo's litters page, litter 10 for pictures of the puppies 12 hours old.



15th January 2011 -  It is with great sadness we report the death two days after her 8th birthday of Keirra (Staubach Eva Peron), born 13th January 2003, Keirra was a daughter of Madi. Following is a message from her owners Jacky Gregory and family: She became ill Thursday night, got worse Friday and refused to move from her bed. The vet came on Saturday and she went to sleep forever so calm and peaceful. She was the most fantastic dog and the greatest companion you could hope for. Although she was the family pet her loyalty was always to me and was never far from my side. I miss her dreadfully despite Wilson (our St. Bernard) doing his best to comfort us. We are going to have her ashes scattered in the garden so she will always be near and she will always remain with us in our hearts. Jacky Gregory and family


13th January 2011 - We hope you like the picture of Freya's litter sister Tillie, she is six months old, she lives at Ballynahinch in Northern Ireland with her breeder Mrs Sally Murphy (Kinelarty).

10th January 2011 - See Geilo's litters page, litter 9 for new picture of Leo, age six months.



8th January 2011 It is with sadness we have to report Megan (Staubach Ring of Fire at Glanzberg - named after Johnny Cash song) died yesterday. Born on the 10th March 2001, she was 9 years and 10 months old, the last surviving dog from our third litter, her sister Sasha and brother Paddy died last year. Her mother was Tascha (Glanzberg Blue Topaz at Staubach) and her father was Paddy (Ridgewater Skychief of Glanzberg), born on the 10th March 2001 Megan was 9 years 10 months old, two months short of her 10th birthday. We had wanted Sonja and Reg to have one of the female's in this litter and hopefully continue the breeding line as both parents came from the their breeding, they picked Megan. Over the year's she had been shown a little and was a mother to three very nice litters in 2005 - 2007 and 2009 megan had a total of 28 puppies from the three litters. Her children, grand children, etc. live on so there will always be some of Megan around, to all these she passed on her excellent character and temperament. To Sonja and Reg we thank them for giving Megan the best care during her life and for the last few months when they were prepared to do everything to ensure she had the best veterinary treatment.

Below is a message from Sonja and Reg (Glanzberg Bernese)
Dear Jill and Ian. So sorry, but I could not talk to you. I have never seen Reg so upset, he just could not stop crying. She was his very special dog, he loved her to bits, everybody loved her, when Peter and Beryl lost their last Bernese a few years back, they borrowed Megan, until they got a new puppy, even now people in Northfleet asked about Megan, she was so very special to us, never did anything wrong in her life, gave us such lovely puppies, we will never forget her, at least she died in my bedroom, near my bed, she had cuddles all night long, special the last night, at least we did not have to have her put to sleep. I never regretted to give her a chance, she gave us  another 6 months of great pleasure, thanks Jill and Ian for letting her to come to us. Love Sonja and Reg.



2nd January 2011- This morning we were able to take all the dogs out for a good walk, the fields and woods were not too bad, the worst part was a section of the footpath abou5 50 yards long that was very wet. Once in the fields they all loved racing around, zig zagging through the small tree's in the plantation, it was good to see them all having fun again after being restricted for a few days. When we returned we decided to start to tidy the dogs up, as we can not bath them at this time of year we started by giving them all a good blasting with our power blower. It was unbelievable how much dust and loose hair there was, we also sprayed and groomed them, they all look like new again, Steffi is now fully groomed and ready to start school again on Wednesday.

We had an email this morning from Josh Taylor's parents, they had previously had a puppy from our litter 3 from Tascha, unfortunately their male Paddy died last year. Josh who is 9 years old has two brothers Sam (7) and Harry (4). After Paddy died Josh decided he would start saving hard to buy his own puppy, in their email Josh has come up with a great idea to help. Josh has started a dog fund – he charges everyone who comes to the house – in fact he charged everyone who came for Christmas dinner £1 and put it in his dog fund.


1st January 2011- Well here we are at the start of another year, the last year passed very quick for us, we hope this year to hear the sound of puppies once again being born in our home. The recent snow has now melted away leaving the fields and woods very wet at the moment near our home. All our dogs have had a great time over the last several weeks in all the deep beautiful snow as you will have seen from these final picture's and the December pictures.








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