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11 new born puppies

Timba 9 weeks with Merlin 9 months

Bean, Mehr, Mika - 9 months

2 Girls - Geilo Litter 10 - 5 weeks old

Boy - Geilo Litter 10 - 5 weeks old

Girl - Geilo Litter 10 - 5 weeks old

News Update

March 2011

30th March 2011 - New pictures under "Our puppies" of Steffi & Geilo's litter.


27th March 2011 - We now have a home bred litter from our Norwegian male Geilo and our German female Steffi, we have tried several times without success to have our own litter from him. Over the last few years we lost Jorka who had two litters to Geilo, she carried them full termbut they both died, we eventually lost Jorka at an early age. Our female Steffi may have been born in Germany but her father is a Top winning American dog and her mother is Norwegian coming from one of the best and most successful kennels in Norway. For more news and pictures of this litter we have added a new page, this page is named *OUR PUPPIES*!. we hope you like the pictures and news that will be appearing over the coming weeks. This was another excellent size litter for Geilo, in his last three litters he has had litters of 14, 4 and our litter of 12.                   



26th March 2011 - Thanks to Roy and Karen Bull for their picture opposite, No!! the small one is not a cuddly toy, the picture is of Merlin (Geilo's litter 9) and their new puppy Timba (Geilo's litter 10). Both puppies are half brother's and son's of Geilo, Merlin is nine months old and Timba is nine weeks old. This is a very good picture, it shows how quickly a puppy grows and develops in the first year of their life. From the picture you can appreciate the need to take care with not over exercising your puppy and you can see how he/she grows at an alarming rate. When Merlin is older he will start his training as a carting dog and Timba will follow in his cart tracks.         


20th March 2011 - As there are so many new picture's of Geilo's litter 10, they have their own page see Picture's Litter 10 - underneath the heading Geilo's Litters. The picture opposite is of three puppies from Geilo's Litter 9, they are male's Bean and Mika and their sister Mehr.


19th March 2011 - Today a female mated to Geilo gave birth to four healthy puppies, there were two male's and two female's. The breeder is delighted, mother and puppies are well.    


18th March 2011 - Tomorrow Jill will be going to Lincolnshire to visit the breeder with Geilo's last litter, number 10 so we will be adding new pictures soon. These puppies will be eight weeks old now.            


11th March 2011 - We send Congratulations to two of Geilo's daughter's on their respective placing's at Crufts 2011. In the Special Junior class Jezmona Lina (Tilly) owned by Mrs S.A. Watson and bred by Mr and Mrs Pembrey (Geilo's litter 6) was awarded 4th place in a class of 12 with 3 absent. This was the first time they had shown Tilly at Crufts. In the Limit female class Clashaidy Nidelva Flowing of Balahunz (Quilla) last year's Crufts Reserve C.C. Winner, owned by Mrs Yvonne Fison-Bates and bred by Mrs V. Stenner (Geilo's litter 2) was awarded 3rd place in a class of 11 with 4 absent. We had entered Geilo and Elkie, we were unable to take them due to having a pregnant female at home.

Congratulations also to Freya's mother, GB & IR CH. Kinelarty Star of County Down, bred and owned by Mr A. and Mrs S. Murphy who was awarded 3rd place in the Open female class of 15 with 5 absent.



9th March 2011 - We apologise for the lack of news, it has been quite hectic here over the last few weeks, we are looking after Milo a male Bernese of our friends while they are away on holiday, he will be 9 years old in May. He is the son of one of the female's from our first litter, her name was Gypsy and she was the litter sister of our female and male Madi and Heiko. Like his mother and Madi and Heiko, Milo also has a very character and an excellent temperament.



1st March 2011 - We now have some picture's of Geilo's puppies from his litter number 10, the puppies are five weeks old in the picture's. This Saturday Jill will be going to see the litter and take some more pictures of all the puppies. The mother and all the puppies are well, all the puppies love their food and when I was there to see them they all had wonderful character and all were playful and loved the attention given to them by visitors. For more pictures see Geilo's Litters - No 10.


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