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Steffi and Freya playing

Steffi enjoying the sunshine

Hughie 8 years old

Bottle Feeding


Freya 9 months

Freya 9 months

5 days old

News Update

April 2011

28th April 2011 - Today we had visitors, Julie and daughter Crystal who we met at Crufts this year, they had wanted to come and see all our dogs, they had driven up from Southampton last night. It appeared that Crystal had been doing a lot of studying of our dogs, she knew them all by name and even knew birthdays that Ian could not remember. Being a beautiful day we were able to take Geilo and Janka for a walk with them and took several pictures. We will add some of the pictures when we receive them. Late in the afternoon they started their long drive home after spending a pleasant day here with us.


22nd April 2011 - New pictures of our puppies added to Our Puppies Page, check out this page daily we hope to add pictures each day. Yesterday the puppies started eating soaked Beta puppy food and it went down a treat, this morning we thought we had prepared enough for them, within minutes all the bowls in the feeders were empty. It is a great to see all the puppies eating well and clearing their bowls.



21st April 2011 - We have added the name of the female in Geilo's litters page for his litter number 11.


15th April 2011 - Although we do not allow any visitors to see any puppies till they are four weeks old today we made another exception for the Taylor family from St. Helens. They had been on holiday to Scotland and we invited then to call in to see Steffi and her puppies on their way home. When they arrived their son's Josh, Sam and Harry were looking forward to seeing all the dogs and the puppies, they previously had Paddy, a puppy from our litter 3, his mother was Tascha. The three boys were heartbroken when Paddy died, they have waited patiently for us to have another litter so they can have another puppy. This was the first time the boys had seen puppies so young, they all stood patiently looking into our puppy room with Jill picking puppies up for them to see. After they had seen the puppies, before they left we took Geilo out for a walk with them. When we were out the boys took it in turns to walk Geilo on the lead, they were all very good with him, on the way back there was time for mum to take Geilo for a while before Josh insisted it was his turn again. They are all looking forward to their next visit when the puppies will be older and they will be allowed contact with them. 


13th April 2011 - The puppies had their first visitors today, just to look at only. Will and Hazel who had puppies out of Madi's first two litters, Harvey and Hughie, came to visit on their way back home from their holidays up in the Orkneys.  Harvey died last year but Hughie is a very young looking 8 year old. They are having another boy from Steffis litter to keep him company.


10th April 2011 - After a tiring few days bottle feeding Steffi's puppies we are now into a routine for feeding them, Steffi cannot feed them due to her having a severe case of Mastitis. However she is still being an excellent mother, she keeps all the puppies clean and attends to them, we cannot believe she can do this as well as she is due to her condition. She is the perfect mother, even though she is not feeding them she is maintaining a vital mother puppy bond.


6th April 2011 - Happy Birthday to Janka who is 4 years old today.


3rd April 2011 - Today our puppies are one week old, this past week has been very tiring for us, we have ensured one of us was awake with the puppies at all times. We had worked out a sleeping rota for us for the first week and this went well. When we weighed the puppies they had increased in weight in the proportions we would expect at this age, the puppies have changed every day. We are very happy with the puppies, Steffi is proving to be an exceptional mother. We have added pictures of the puppies top the following pages: 'Geilo's Litters" - "Our Puppies" and here on our news update page. We will be adding pictures at regular intervals, we hope you like them.


1st April 2011 - Our new litter of 11 puppies are now 5 days old and are growing very well, this is Seffi's first litter and we can not believe what a fantastic mother she is. We are not assisting with bottle feeding of the puppies, Steffi is feeding all of them very well. All we do at the moment is divide the puppies into two groups so Steffi is not over run with all of them at once, this system is working very well. When each group is fed it is returned to a box until the next group is fed. We have tried to give Steffi time on her own when the puppies are sleeping, however she does not like to be parted from them and we have to let her have some puppies so they can snuggle up with her. She keeps herself and the puppies very clean, she is eating well, the puppies are growing before our eyes. There are some new pictures on the page "Our puppies" of Steffi & Geilo's litter, we will be adding pictures and news of their progress every few days.


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