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Litter March 2011

Week 4


The puppies are 3 weeks old today - I have just added a lot of new pictures to week three. 




We weighed the puppies yesterday and all had gained a satisfactory amount of weight.  They are now being fed 4 times a day plus a little snack about 4 oclock in the morning.  They are no longer bottle fed and have Pedigree puppy porridge twice daily and two milky feeds of either rice pudding and whelpi, or weetabix and whelpi.  They are very good at feeding but haven't quite mastered the art of feeding without getting it all over their faces and legs, as you will see from todays pictures. 

Janka making sure the feed is prepared to her satisfaction, just in case there is any left for her - no chance!!

Weetabix and Milk feed

There is one way to make sure nobody else gets any and that is to get into the feeder and work your way around!

As you can imagine after feeding it is wash and brush up before going to sleep.

Almost gone

This little boy has fallen asleep on top of one still feeding

Male sat waiting to be cleaned

My turn next

I don't quite know what this one was trying to do

On the prowl


Time for a sleep now



 Wednesday 20th April

Steffi had a vets appointment on Monday and the vet was delighted with her progress.  The wound is healing up very well and she will not need any surgery, which is good news. She has to go back next week for another check up.  It was a beautiful day today and she went out on the garden where she was playing with Freya, they are both great friends, as you can see Freya was jumping for joy with all four feet off the ground.

She certainly enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine

The little girl was in need of some TLC after her tea last night

She is not so little anymore

The puppies are growing at a rate of knots now, it is hard to believe

Two puppies enjoying a snooze.


Friday 22nd April

The puppies are now on soaked Beta puppy, we tried them on this for the first time on Thursday evening, in the indivdual puppy bowls and they licked the bowls that clean they almost didn't need washing!!  It is amazing to watch them in their own little eating stall, but when the greedy ones have finished is when the fun starts as they try to get in somebody elses bowl by any means they can!

Feeding nicely

Time to move on

Must get to the other side

Made it

After all that action time to get tucked up in bed

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