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Litter March 2011

Week 9

Sunday 22nd May

The puppies are 8 weeks old today and another one left for her new home.  When she was born she weighed 13ozs, 8 weeks later she weighed in at 14lbs 7ozs.  It is quite amazing how much puppies change from birth to 8 weeks. We have seven waiting to go to their new homes, Zak and Ruby leave us on Tuesday, Yogi Wednesday, Mabel Saturday and Jasmine the following week.

Little Pia

now Jura



Ruby - previously Madi three dots


We also had a family just come to visit today, who have a female bernese. They  brought their son with them who was one year old a couple of weeks ago, and they came to see the puppies, as you can see their son loved the puppies. When he was looking through the pen it was Mabel who headed straight for him, she was very good with him and they both loved a cuddle together..

Mabel was very gentle with him licking his hands and as you can see he was very happy!!


Black Will and Big white feet are now called Johann and Jenta, more pictures of them will follow in the coming days.


Monday 24th May




Tuesday 24th May

 2 more puppies left today for their new homes.  The first one to go was Ruby, formerly Madi three dots.  She has gone to our friends who live about five minutes away.  They got a litter sister of Madi from us and bred 1 litter from her - they kept two puppies from the litter and have one boy left, Mylo who celebrated his 9th birthday yesterday - what a birthday present for him!! 

Madi three dots

now Ruby


The second puppy to go was Zak, in early pictures he was called Little Mo.  He has gone to St Helens to a family who had a puppy from Taschas' second litter, Paddy.  He died 12 months ago and they have been lost without a Bernese, as he used to go everywhere with them and their three boys

Little Mo

now Zak


Wednesday 25th May

Yogi left for his new home today, he is going about 1 hours drive away near Leeds.  They have Misha who was from Jodi's one and only litter - she will be 6 in December.

previously Mr Sweep

now Yogi

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