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Freya with Johann and Jenta

Freya - Qualified therapy dog

Jenta and Johann

Johann - 10 weeks


Johann and Jenta

News Update

June 2011

28th June 2011 - This evening Johann and Jenta attended their first Show Training class, we were very pleased with them and how well they behaved, this was a new experience for them meeting breeds they had not seen before. They both were good when the judge was going over them. 


25th June 2011 - Today we took Johann, Jenta and Elkie to our local Pets As Therapy Coffee and Bonio Morning, they had no problems meeting all the Therapy dogs and their owners, after all the attention they received they just laid on the floor next to Elkie. They are getting used to going out in our van now, we like to take them for short drives so they get used to it as when they are older they will go with us on holiday and where ever we go.


23rd June 2011 - This evening was the last week of the puppy Socialisation classes for Johann and Jenta, they had attended a four week course, their next course will be Basic Obedience. Also tonight Freya finished her six week training course. 



19th June 2011 - Today we exhibited at the Border Union Championship Show in Kelso, we showed Elkie and Freya in the Puppy class for the first time at a Championship Show. We were very pleased with both of them being awarded second places in their respective classes. See our page Show Results 2011 for all details, we will add the judges critique's when they are published in the dog press.


14th June 2011 - We have received official notification from the charity Pets As Therapy that Freya has passed her temperament test and is now an approved Therapy dog. Since she was eleven weeks old she has been visiting the school after the children have left to become accustomed to all the equipment. At ten and a half months old she is our second youngest Therapy dog, Jodi was just six months when she was approved, since then the charity changed their rules. Freya will be starting her official visits to school this week, she is the first Therapy Dog bred by her breeders Mrs Sally Murphy and her son Andrew from the Kinelarty kennel in Northern Ireland. Her mother Star like Freya's father Geilo has an outstanding temperament and character. 


11th June 2011 - The puppies are 11 weeks old tomorrow, we cannot believe how fast the time has passed since they were born. On Thursday our two puppies Johann and Jenta were joined at puppy Socialisation classes with their litter sister Ruby who live near our home. Today Ruby came to visit us for a few hours to play with her brother and sister, the weather was good so we were able to get Geilo's cart out for some training. We have added some nice pictures of Geilo and the three puppies in the cart, we hope you like the pictures.  (see picture opposite and Our Puppies page)



3rd June 2011 - Our final puppy Jasmine left today with her new family from Boston in Lincolnshire, see last picture's on "Our Puppies" page, under week 10.


2nd June 2011 - This evening we start puppy socialisation classes with Johann and Jenta, this will be their first time seeing other breeds of puppies and their owners. Both have good out going characters and we are looking forward to their first class.

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