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Litter March 2011

Week 11

Tuesday 21st June 2011

We have received pictures of Lewis, 12 weeks old

Lewis on his first walk

Lewis 12 weeks old


Thursday 16th June 2011

We have received the following pictures of Jasmine

Jasmine with Tillie - 11 weeks

Jasmine with Tillie

Jasmine - in there somewhere!!

Jasmine with Tillie

Jasmine - 11 weeks



 Monday 13th June 2011 - 11 Weeks

Ever since they were born Freya has been desperate to play with the puppies.  Today she got her wish and they all had a great time on the garden - she was very gentle with them - although I can't say they were the same with her!!

Johann on top of Freya with Jenta

Johann - 11 weeks

Jenta - 11 weeks 

Jenta still likes to sleep on her back!!

Jenta, Johann and Ruby

Jenta and Johann



Geilo getting hitched up to the cart

are you ready for an adventure Ruby?

Ready when you are Dad

Ok jump in then

Ready Dad, let's go

Hold tight now!!


Yogi - what not to teach your puppy to do!!



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