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Litter March 2011

Week 14

Yogi -18 weeks and Misha 5 years 6 months (Jodi's daughter)

Ruby - 17 weeks

Lewis - 17 weeks

Johann - 17 weeks

Jenta - 17 weeks

Jasmine - 17 Weeks

Tillie(Geilo litter 6) and Jasmine - half sisters


The puppies are now 17 weeks old and whilst they have the run of most of the garden, their exercise is still restricted when we are not outside with them, to the extended pen. If we didn't restrict them they would have a lot more exercise than we like them to have at this stage of their development. We now take them out for walks, usually with their Dad  Geilo, for no more than 15 minutes once a day.  We are usually out longer than this, but 15 minutes is the maximum walking time we allow them. We will gradually be increasing this to 20 minutes over the next couple of weeks.

Johann - 17 weeks 

Johann - 17 weeks

Johann - 17 weeks

Jenta - 17 weeks

Johann and Jenta

Freya and Johann having a tug of war with the Duck!!

Freya, Jenta and Johann

Freya and Jenta

Johann, Freya and Jenta

Jenta with her Dad Geilo

Zak - 15 weeks

Ted and Merlin - 15 weeks


Jasmine - 13 weeks

Jasmine 13 weeks

Johann - 13 weeks

Johann at Duncombe Park

Jenta and Friend!!

Johann and Graham enjoying a cuddle!! (Graham is the one on the left!!)

Johann - 13 weeks

Johann and Jenta - 13 weeks old

Johann  13 weeks old

Johann - 13 weeks old

Johann and Jenta - 13 weeks

Johann - 13 weeks

Johann - 13 weeks

Jenta - 13 weeks

Sam, Zak and Poppy (the dog next door)

Zak and Sam

Zak - 13 weeks

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