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Elkie at Leeds CH Show

Freya at Leeds CH Show

Freya at Leeds CH Show

Geilo at Duncombe Park

Geilo at Duncombe Park


Mehr, Charm, Freya 3 half sisters

Johann and Jenta

Johann and Graham

Johann Jenta 13 Weeks

Johann 13 weeks

Jenta 13 weeks

News Update

July 2011

29th July 2011: See "Our Puppies" page opposite for latest pictures of Steffi and Geilo's puppies.



23rd July 2011: Today we attended Leeds Championship Show at Harwood House, we showed Freya in the Junior class and Elkie in Post Graduate, the judge was breed specialist Mrs Virginia Stenner (Clashaidy). Unfortunatley Freya has started losing her coat so this may be her last show untill she looks better. In the Junior class Freya was placed fourth of five exhibits and in the Post Graduate class of four,  Elkie was placed first and went into the challenge with all the unbeaten female's.



13th July 2011:  After our Therapy visit to school today with Elkie when all the children had left with the exception of one whose father had come to collect her I took into the school for the very first time Johann and Jenta. They were an instant hit with Lynne the teacher, both Johann and Jenta explored the classroom just like Freya had done on her first vist as a very young puppy. After a little exploring Jenta went to see the girl who was sitting on the floor with her father, Jenta was very gentle and sat on her knee where she was given a small treat and was stroked. What's all this Johann thought, I want some attention too, so he joined in with us all on the floor for a relaxing time with everyone. They were both very calm and loved the attention, we will continue with their training and they too will become Therapy dogs and join our team to visit the children at school. 





7th July 2011:  It is now 10.45 pm (22.45 hours) and we are experiencing some horrendous weather here, we have torrential rain, thunder and lightning storm. The noise is over powering, with intermitant bright blue flashes illuminating the dark evening sky. This is the first time our puppies Johann and Jenta have experienced any thing like this, none of this is upsetting them in any way, they are 100% sound and calm. 



5th July 2011:  Today was a very special day for Freya, it was her 1st Birthday - Happy first Birthday to Freya from all her friends. At the end of her Forest School visit all the children gathered round to sing 'Happy Birthday to Freya', she sat and listened intently to them. Also today at the Forest School where we take our Therapy dogs to work with the children we harnessed Geilo up to his cart and he carried all the supplies for the children for their project they had to do. On the walk into the forest Geilo was led very happily by one of the girls, when in the forest at our place of work we unharnessed him and he helped the children search for natural items for their project. When the children started work Geilo layed happily in the trees watching over the children. When the project was finished all the children toasted Marshmallows over an open fire and had drinks, again Geilo layed quite happily watching over all that was going on. He was even given two Marshmallows as a special treat. On the return to the classroom again Geilo was taken in his cart by one of the boys, the teachers took some very nice pictures of all the children with Geilo and his cart. We had decorated the cart for the carting event last Sunday, it was decorated in a style fit for the forest with pine cones, firs, leaves etc.



4th July 2011:  See Geilo's Litters page for new pictures of puppies in litters 9 and 10. 




3rd July 2011:  Today we visited the Duncombe Park Traction Engine and Vintage Car event in Helmsley in North Yorkshire, where we met up with our friends from the Pennine Bernese Carters Group. Geilo learned to pull a cart last year at Pickering, and this year he made his debut pulling his own cart in the display, he really enjoyed it. We also had with us Elkie, Freya and our two puppies Johann and Jenta who are now fourteeen weeks old, it was Janka and Steffis turn to stay at home. Both Johann and Jenta had a great time, they loved all the attention given to them by all the visitors to the Carter's Stand, from very small children to adults they showed no fear, even the noises of a helicopter making pleasure flights, steam engines, motor vehicles, Jazz Band on a moving trailer, loudspeaker system and many more experiences were taken in their stride. All the socialising was very tiring for them and at one point they were fast asleep in the pergolla under the shade of the tree's.  



1st July 2011:  Congratulations Sally Murphy and family and to Geilo and Stars daughter Tillie (Kinelarty Norsk Star Struck) on her show success today at the Bray and District Show (Northern Ireland) where she was awarded the Green Star and Best of Breed. This is Tillie's first Green Star and Best of Breed. Tillie is the litter sister of our female Freya.


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