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Johann, Ruby and Freya

Lewis and Hughie

Freya, Johann and Jenta

Tigg - Geilo litter 1 4 years old

Heidi and Janka

Tillie - Irish Junior Champion

Tillie - Irish Junior Champion

News Update

August 2011

14th August 2011: This afternoon our friends Geoff and Marilyn came to see us with their puppy Ruby, we had not seen Ruby for a few days, as the weather has been so wet, living just round the corner she comes 'home' to play with Johann and Jenta once or twice a week. After the three puppies had a good play, Freya was past her self watching from the side, all she wanted was to get on the garden and play with her half brother and half sisters. Once on the garden in the large pen we have Freya showed the puppies what a great big sister she is, she loves all the puppies and plays very gently with them. We have taken many pictures and will add some of Ruby and her playmates soon.  


7th August 2011: Today was a more relaxing day, we attended the Pickering Steam Engine Rally where we met up with our friends from the Pennine Carters Group. This was a very sociable day, it was only the second time Geilo had taken part in a carting parade at such a big event. We also had our puppies Johann and Jenta who were in the Groups tent most of the day being introduced to all the members of the public visiting the carters stand. This is great socialisation training for the puppies, they become accustomed to lots of people, machines, music, cars, motor cycles and all the events around them. We hope you like the pictures.



6th August 2011: We left home early this morning to drive to Kelso for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Scotland's Championship Show where we had entered Geilo, Elkie and Freya. The weather was very nice when we arrived, at the show was Elkie's breeders Graham and Pauline, they had Elkie's brother Tigg and sister Hunny, also present was their other litter brother Hudson. We were going to take a picture of Geilo and his full first littter who are now four years old, unfortunatly the weather turned to heavy rain and it was not possible to take any pictures. Also at the show was Freya's breeder Sally Murphy from Ireland, she had Freya's sister Tillie and also there was Mollie the other puppy in the litter, again we had wanted pictures of this full litter and Geilo but the weather was not good.


We showed Geilo in the Limit class, he was placed 3rd, Elkie was in Post Graduate and was placed 4th, her sister Hunny was placed 3rd in the same class and qualified for Crufts 2012. We were not going to show Freya as she is out of coat, however her sister Tillie was being shown so we decided to show Freya, they were both in the Junior Class. Freya was 4th in the class, unfortunatly after the judging of the class, before the judge made his placings an exhibitor outside the ring told tillies handler to take her out of the ring as she had started in season, so he removed Tillie and she could well have been placed. See Our Results for more information.

We have also heard from Hazell and Will who have Lewis who is a brother of Johann and Jenta, they also have Hughie from us, they attended a local show today and sent us the following news:. We took Hughie and Lewis to our local Finstock Festival today, Lewis won Best Puppy in the Fun Dog Show, Hughie was in the Veteran class, he was up against 15 year old dogs. Click on the following blue link to see the report and picture from the Oxford Mail newspaper: 




5th August 2011: Today we had a visit from Margaret and Peter Catchpole from Ipswich, they have Heidi one of the puppies from Casji's last litter, she is now four years old.



2nd August 2011: Check out our latest puppy pictures on "Our Puppies" page taken when we visited the Nicholson family and their dog Misha and puppy Yogi.



1st August 2011:  We have received news from Freya's breeder in Ireland Mrs Sally Murphy about Freya's litter sister Tillie, (Kinelarty Norsk Star Struck)  Dam: GB CH & IR CH Kinelarty Star of County Down JCW and CW - Sire: Dale Gudbrand's C-Geilo Zala at Staubach (Nor Imp). Tillie has now been awarded her Irish Junior Champion Title, she did this at the very tender age of just one year and also picked up a Green Star with Best of Breed and also Reserve Green Stars. Sally believes Tillie is the youngest of her Bernese to be awarded this title. We send Congratulations to Sally and Tillie on her success from all here at Staubach and a special thank you from her father Geilo as this is the first Show Title awarded to one of his progeny. See "Geilo's Litters" page, litter 8 for more information.

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