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Switzerland 2011

In September we went to Switzerland for a week with Geilo, Elkie and Freya and our two friends from Tasmania Ray and Sue.  Ray is Ians old schoolmate - they started school together at 5 years old, and Ray went to live in Australia some 30 years ago.  We have kept in touch and 2 years ago they decided that they would like to go to Switzerland with us.   We stayed in the mountain village of Grindelwald, which has been our holiday destination for the past 30 years.  It was always hard to go away and leave the dogs, but since we obtained their pet passports, being able to take some of them with us has made our holiday even more enjoyable.  They are welcomed in our Hotel where they are made to feel at home. We always try to go away so that we can go to the Swiss Bernese Mountain Dog Club Show which is usually held in September, either at the start of our holiday or the end.  This year it was at the end of our holiday and was in Borgdorf.  The dogs had a fantastic time and so did we. Here are some pictures.

The Fisterhorn in the background

At the top of the cable car at First, you can go part of the way down on a Zip Line

It looks like great fun, but you can't take a dog with you!


Geilo in the cable car with Ray and Sue

Geilo and Freya


Geilo and his 'Aussie Hat'

and not to be left out - Freya with her 'Aussie Hat'

With our friends Ray and Sue at First

They don't do anything small in Switzerland - Jill's Banana Split

Ian's meringue and much to the dogs disgust he ate it all

A rare picture of us both with the dogs

Talking to some Australians outside the Sunstar who hope to own a Bernese one day.

Some Bernese will do anything to find some shade!

We loved their ears!

Say Cheese!!

Mountain Cow


Walking at Grosse Scheidegg


Freya coming out of the Cable Car Station

The Wetterhorn


Relaxing with the Wetterhorn in the background

Freya at the restaurant at the top of the Cable Car

View from the Cable Car with the Lauberhorn in the background

Waiting for the Cable car

The Eiger

The Eiger in the Mist

Bear on a Rope above Bern!

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