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Jasmine and Johann

Geilo 1st Veteran Male GB show

News Update

October 2011

30th October: Congratulations to Jasmine (Johan and Jenta's sister) and to her owners Dave, Sharon and Stephanine Watson on their success at the Midland Counties Championship Show. There was no Minor Puppy class so Jasmine was shown in the Puppy class, at 7 months old she was one of the youngest in the class with ages up to 12 months. The winner of the class was 9 months old and from 11 dogs in the class Jasmine was placed Second which has also qualified her for Crufts 2012. Once again well done.


At the same show was another son of Geilo, (Ellerton Midnight Sun) Nemo bred by Barbara Baldock and owned by Jane Clarke. Congratulations to Jane and Nemo who was Second in the Puppy dog class with 7 exhibits, he too also qualified for Crufts 2012.



27th October: Today we have received some picture's from Felicity Broome in Australia, she is the breeder of Solo a single female puppy and daughter of Geilo by frozen semen. Currently Solo is being exhibited at several shows in Australia, there is a new picture of her on Geilo's litters page, look at Geilo's Litter 7 to see the latest show picture of Solo who is now 18 months old.




25th October: We have just received news from Sally Murphy (breeder of Freya) that she has today received the official results for the hips and elbow scores from the BVA  for Tillie (Kinelarty Norsk Star Struck IR Jun Ch.)who is Freya's litter sister litter. Her results are as follows: HD 6/5 = 11 which is below the current breed average, ED 0/0. So over the last two days two out of the three puppies from Geilo and Saly's female Star have been scored with good results.


24th October: Today we received the results from the BVA/KC Scheme for Hip and Elbows for Freya (Kinelarty Nordic Freya at Staubach,daughter of Geilo and Sally Murphy's female GB & IR Ch. Kinelarty Star of County Down). We are delighted with Freya's results, her hip score is 3/5 = 8 which is well below the breed average and her elbows were 0/0. Like her father and mother Freya also has a fantastic temperement and character, she is also a Therapy Dog working with Special Needs children and young adults.



19th October: We have just heard from the owners of Jasmine (litter sister to Johann and Jenta), they had entered her for the Hillsboro (Sheffield) and District Canine Society Open Show that was held at Newark. As there was no class for puppie's Jasmine had to be shown in the Junior class, she behaved very well and was awarded 2nd place. She was also Best Puppy in Breed. Congratulations to her owners, Dave, Sharon and Stephanie Watson on her result.



14th October: I was asked to visit a Special Needs School near my home today to make a one off visit, the time for my visit was after lunch so I arrived in plenty of time to organise myself and Geilo who was making the visit. In the first class we visited the four young boys asked lots of questions about Geilo, they wanted to know where he was from, how heavy is he, what are Bernese used for any many more questions. After spending twenty minutes with them I told them if they were well behaved for the rest of the afternoon I would go back to their class as a special treat with a surprise, they all agreed they would be on their best behaviour.


I then visited several other classes, the childrens ages ranged from 6 years to 10 years old, when we were taliking about Geilo all the children showed a lot of interest, they told me about their dogs. Geilo had a great time with all the children, they were all gave him cuddles, stroked him and were allowed to give him his favourite treats. The children and teachers wanted to know about the origin of Geilo's name, I explained that he was bred in Norway and he is named after a village in the mountains of Norway.  After finishing visiting all the classes I returned to my first class to see if the boys had kept their promise to be on their best behaviour, they all said they had been, so the teacher and one of the boys escorted me to the door to take Geilo outside.  


I returned with our young puppy Johann to see the four boys, when I entered the classroom I told them that this is Johann our puppy they all thought he was Geilo, they were expecting to see a small puppy. This was the first time Johann had been in a classroom and been with children. The boys were very good and gentle with him, they did not frighten him and they were happy to sit on the floor with him and give him a few treats. One of the boys went on to the computer and logged on to our home page to see pictures of Johann and his brother's and sister's. He looked at pictures of the puppies from their birth to present.


The staff and children all had a good afternoon with Geilo, before I left after my sucessfull One Off Visit  I made arrangement with the teacher to visit with Geilo and our other Therapy dogs one Friday afternoon each month.



3rd October: Today Jill has added new pictures to Geilo's litters page, see his litter 8 for the latest pictures.



2nd October:  We have now added new pictures of Geilo and Steffi's puppies at 6 months old  to Our Puppies Page, and a new holiday album page, see Switzerland 2011. We will be adding more pictures over the next few days. On Thursday 29th September we took Johann and Jenta to their very first show, we entered them at Driffield Championship Show where they were 6 months 2 days old, they made this show by two days. We were delighted with how they both behaved, Johann was in the Minor puppy (male) class with a half brother who is about 8 months old. Johann won this class and was Best male puppy. Unfortunately in the Challenge for Best Puppy Johann could not win as the judge had given the Minor Puppy female the Reserve C.C. (this was a total shock to the spectators) and she could not be beaten by him. Jenta was 3rd in her Minor puppy (female) class with her litter sister Jasmine in 4th place, we are delighted that both Johann and Jenta qualified for Crufts 2012. In Post Graduate (female) Elkie won her class.

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