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Merry Christmas

Tascha - 6 years old

Solo October 2010

Janka November 2010

Janka November 2010

Janka November 2010

Janka - November 2010

News Update

December 2011

26th December: We have now started to add pictures of our new female Katie to her own page. To view these pictures and to read all the news about Katie click on the heading 'Our Females' at the side of the page, then click on Katie's name and then 'Journey to Staubach'. We will be changing the layout of our pages starting with Katie's page, we think the pictures and layout will have more impact.




25th December: We wish all our friends and visitors a Very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2012. Today on our morning walk Katie met several people out walking their dogs, she met breeds of dogs she had not seen before, she is very sociable and friendly with everyone.



23rd December: We arrived home today after our trip to Italy where we collected our new female Katie, (Katie del Lago di Tenno) she is now eleven months old, I (Ian) went to see Katie and her litter brothers and sisters when they were six weeks old. We had arranged to collect Katie four weeks ago but as Janka was very ill we had to postpone our trip. Our journey home took us through Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France before we arrived in England. We had two over night hotel stops and Katie was excellent in the hotels and driving, she has a great temperement and whereever we went she was happy for everyone to see her. She loved all the attention from adults and children, we were very impressed with how well she coped with the many new situations she encountered on our trip home. While travelling she settled immediatley in our van, we had taken Geilo, Elkie and Freya with us so Katie would have friends to travel with.


We would like to thank Silvana and Volkhard for breeding a lovely girl for us and for looking after Katie longer than planned, we know how they both felt when it was time for Katie to leave. Now Katie is at our home she settled in immediatly with our dogs, it is as though she has lived in our home all her life. We have added a seperate page for Katie on 'Our Female's Page', we will add news and pictures to her page soon.




16th December: How fast time passes, it is two years today since we lost our gorgeous Madi, she is still missed greatly by everyone who knew her, as a family and Therapy dog she is irreplacable, she is always in our thoughts.    


15th December: We have just received our copy of the weekly dog paper 'Dog World' in the Show reports for the Midland Counties Championship Show we have read the judges critique for Jasmine (Staubach Jodi von der Wald). Congratulations to Jasmine's owners Dave, Sharon and Stephanie Watson for their second place in the female puppy class. We have included the judges critique in Our Litters page, look under Litter 9.


11th December:  Today is the 6th Birthday of Misha and Delilah the two puppies from Jodi's litter, we wish them both a Happy Birthday. We know that Mischa will be celebrating her birthday with Yogi who is Johann and Jenta's litter brother.



10th December:  Congratulations to Felicity in Australia and her  female Solo (Bernation Solo) on becoming an Australian Champion. We are delighted for Felicity, Solo and Solo's mother,  Solo is the result of our first ever venture of sending frozen semen from Geilo.



9th December:   Happy 6th Birthday to all the puppies from Casji's second litter, especially Heidi and Tascha, we hear frequently from their owners. The Christmas card here has a great picture of Tascha.


4th December 2011:  Thank you to all our friends for their messages of comfort and support after our loss of our beautiful girl Janka.


2nd December 2011 - It is with great sadness that we must tell you that today we had to give our beautiful girl, Janka, Dale Gudbrand's Janka CaCh at Staubach, sleep.  To say we are both devestated is an understatement, she was only 4 and a half years old..  Six weeks ago we noticed that she had 3 lumps, so we took  her to the vets to get them removed and whilst 2 were OK, the third one was malignant.  As she started to deteriorate we took her for further tests, 2 weeks ago and they found further tumours in her liver, there was nothing that could be done for her.  So we brought her home to enjoy her last days with us and the rest of the Staubach gang. To say Janka was lively doesn't do her justice.  She was so full of life and loved everybody and everything, one of the reasons we didn't show her was because when the judge went to go over her, she thought it was a game and rolled over on her back kicking her legs!  I remember last year we took her with us to visit our friends Barbara and Pauline, who are both carters.  Pauline asked if we wanted to have a go with her pulling a cart - we both looked at each other and said "Janka won't pull a cart , she'll think it's a game and take off with it".  Pauline said "go on give it a go she will be fine".  So we hitched her up to the cart, Ian had hold of the lead and off we went down the road - she was perfect.  Ian said "well I'm stunned I thought she would have taken off with it" - what he didn't realise that Barbara, who was walking behind the cart, was hanging on to the cart for dear life to stop her taking off!!    Janka was supposed to go on holiday to Switzerland with us this year, but the day before we were due to go away, she came into season and as we were taking Geilo with us, we had to leave her at home.  Janka had a great personality, although she was qualified as a PAT dog, we couldn't use her as she was too lively with the children, we kept saying we will wait until she is older and calms down a bit.  She will leave a big hole in our lives, as Bernese always do - there will never be another Janka RIP our beautiful girl. 

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