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Our Females » Katie - Katie del Lago di Tenno (FCI - Italy Imp)

The Journey to Staubach


We would like to thank Silvana and Volkhard for breeding a lovely girl for us and for looking after Katie longer than planned, we know how they both felt when it was time for Katie to leave.


My first visit to see Katie, 6 weeks old 

Katie 6 weeks old

Katie 6 weeks old

 Katie and her litter brothers and sisters - 6 weeks old

Katie - 3 months old

Katie - 6 months old with Silvanna

 Katie sitting in the meadow - 6 months old

Katie relaxing - 6 months old 

Katie and her mother 

 Katie meeting child on her walk

December 2011 - Elkie at the home of Katie at Lago di Tenno in Italy

 December 2011 - Elkie with the Lake of Tenno behind her.

December 2011 - Freya at the home of Katie at Lago di Tenno in Italy


December 2011 - Geilo at the St Gothard Tunnel, Switzerland on our way to Italy 

 December 2011 - Katie now 11 months old looking at the puppies.

December 2011 - Katie loves to play with the puppies 

 December 2011 - A very gentle Katie, she has a fantastic temperement as you can see.

December 2011 - Our first walk with Katie round Lake Tenno. 

December 2011 - Katie returning from our walk around the lake 

December 2011 - Katie with her friend Isa 

December 2011 - Katie's trip home through a snowy Switzerland

Katie's first stay in a Hotel

Katie in Hotel - this is a nice room.


Lots of room so I can stretch out


Freya and Katie in the Hotel


Katie's first walk at her new home in England

A very sociable and friendly Katie meeting a local dog and his owner

 Katie meeting our friend Terry

Katie and Freya


This is my first day in England, I am happy to go will anyone.

Katie - 11 months old, walking in woods near our house


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