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Litter Feb 2012

Week 1

On the 1st February our expected litter were born, this is a repeat mating from 2011, to see picture's of the puppies in this litter please see *OUR PUPPIES* page. In this litter we have four male's and two female's, mother and puppies are all well. There were actually 9 puppies born, but unfortunately the last three, all Males, were stillborn.

Sire: Dale Gudbrand's C-Geilo ZaLa at Staubach (Nor Imp)

Dam: Gwen-Stefani von Bernice Love at Staubach (Ger Imp)

Steffi with her 6 puppies

Steffi with her first born - a Male

and the last puppy born, also a Male

Time for a first bath

followed by a sleep

for this one also

These three prefer company

Male and Female

 The Milk bar is the other way!!

I like to be on my own

This one's nose was black when it was born

This one keeps getting pushed out at feeding time, so time for a little assistance, but don't worry as Johann was bottle fed from 11 days old and look at him now

 Johann from our last litter 11 months 

5th February - Day 5

All is well with Steffi and her puppies, they are progressing as we would expect.

Male Puppy Day 5 

Female - Male Day 5

Male - Female Day 5

Male Day 5

Mother and Daughter


Anybody know the answer to 17 across? 

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