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Litter Feb 2012

Week 2

14th February 2012

The puppies will be two weeks old tomorrow


Put your paws around me and keep me warm


Male with one eye open

Male using a female as a pillow!!

One of the girls with her eyes just opening

The 2 females

12th February 2012

We are now well into week two and the puppies are progressing as we would expect.  Steffi is a wonderful mother as you will see from the following pictures.  She now leaves the puppies on there own for short spells, but she much prefers being in the whelping box with them, even if they are not feeding.  One of the puppies has one eye open today, so it will not be long before they all have their eyes open. 

This little girl enjoys a joke!!

This little girl is the most adventrous of them all, she is always climbing over Steffi or trying to snuggle in behind her

or climbing on her back

Hi Mum!!

Well now you are there I might as well give you a wash

Little Girl

Female and Male

Time for some TLC

This one's head is as big as Steffis paw.  

As the puppies get bigger, they start to like some space on their own.

Steffi likes to keep her eyes on them all the time

but she likes nothing better than being close to them

All six of the puppies 8 days old

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