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Litter Feb 2012

Week 3

20th February 2012

Steffi with pups

Katie keeping a watchful eye

Female/male 2.5 weeks

Female 2.5 weeks

Male 2.5 weeks

19th February 2012

Little girl enjoying a nap

Little boy enjoying a nap

Mother and son

It never ceases to amaze us just how quickly puppies develop and grow.  The picture above is of a little girl who was just 5 minutes old, the picture below is of her fifteen days later.

15 days old

15th February 2012

The puppies are two weeks old today.  They all have at least one eye open but most of them now have both eyes open.

Male 1 - the first born

Male 2 - the second born

Male 3 - the fourth born

Male 4 - the sixth born

Female 1 - the third born

Female 2 - the fifth born

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