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Litter Feb 2012

Week 5

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29th February 2012

The puppies are four weeks old today and we are very pleased with their progress

Their weights are very good for their age and they are becoming more active each day. 

They are having 4 meals a day at the moment.

 Breakfast and bedtime they have rice with goats milk.

Then they have for their two main meals

at dinner time and tea time

soaked puppy food mixed with a little scrambled egg

which they love

Steffi goes in once during the day and once during the night

They are starting to get a bit much for her now

as they chase her around the box

but she still manages to gather them together under her and feed them all


3rd March 2012

This is a comfy pillow


Please will you give me a cuddle


OK then


4th March 2012

one of the puppies first visitors

Anyone for a game of footie?

I'll play, I'll just sharpen up my shooting skills!

I'll go in goal!


5th March 2012

The puppies had their first visitors at the weekend and spent most of their time asleep, however they came alive last night and decided that the best time for play is either 11.00pm or 3.00am in the morning! 

3.00am feed following thir playtime

boy girl boy

I don't know what this boy thought was funny


serious girl

We introduced some some soft toys for the puppies to play with tonight.  They didn't know what to make of them at first 

but it wasn't long before they were either

cuddling them or

killing them!


6th March 2012

We're over here Mam

As Steffi can't lay down now to feed the puppies, as they are too big I think It's the best place for them now, although she still goes in once during the day and once during the night. She is so tolerant of the way they chase her about and swing off her!!  We don't make her go in as they don't need her now, but she starts to get quite agitated if you don't let her in.

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