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Litter Feb 2012

Week 7

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16th March 2012

The puppies are now 6 weeks old and have been out on the garden today.  Here are a selection of pictures.

Katie enjoyed meeting the pups for the first time

She was so gentle with them

Male enjoying the fresh air

barking at big sister Jenta

playing with a milk bottle

trust Skye to go one better and carry it!!

now Skye tries to play football

chewing a bone

Freya and Katie with one of the Males

 Katie with Khono

Skye dancing with Katie and Freya

I don't think this is my Mum

Katie escaping the puppy pen!!







18th March 2012 

Skye's new family from Scotland came to see the puppies for a second time today, they weren't going to come again until they picked her up, but Sandra managed to talk them into coming for her Mothers day treat!!   

Dan with one of the Males

another  Male

Ceris with one of the Males

Dan and Roger with one of the Males


Skye with the Video

Skye with Dan and Sandra

Pia got a bit bored and went off to read the paper!!

20th March 2012

It has been a nice day here today, still a bit cold when the sun goes in, but the puppies have been outside in the pen with Steffi, Katie and Freya going in with them at different times






Brown Toe and Skye


It seems to have been Khono's turn to pose for the camera today, it is normally Skye!


What happened to the sun?

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