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Litter Feb 2012

Week 8

21st March 2012

The puppies are 7 weeks old today, the 1st day of Spring.  Only another 10 days before they go to their new homes.  As you will have seen, I am sure, from the pictures of the last 7 weeks, it is Skye who is the puppy who is in to everything.

First of all she pinched the Yoghurt pot

Then she escaped from the pen onto the garden where Katie was chewing her bone

Katie was brilliant with her, gently putting her paw on her head, to stop her taking it

then allowing Skye to share with her

Skye then decided to pull her fur out!!

and finally deciding to climb on her head.

The boys prefer to do a bit of line dancing

or have a cuddle!

22nd March 2012

The puppies today decided that Katie was their mum and wouldn't leave her alone

so we tried Jenta with the same result

but when we put Freya in she had the right idea and layed down with them

so they played with her tail

checked her teeth out

attacked her

or just chilled with their big half sister!!

25th March 2012

Another beautiful day meant the puppies were outside this morning for an hour before the shade went, they then went in for a sleep before their dinner and then came back out for a couple of hours late afternoon.


enjoying the sunshine

a quiet moment for Skye!! (not that there are many)

but when they do come they are like buses - two at once!

but, they don't last long

male enjoying the fresh air

Freya and Mr Fox keeping a watchful eye

26th March 2012

Skye has discovered a new game today

sitting on top of the bed!

or laying on it

she seems to lead the way because first of all Khono tried it

and then one of the boys followed

27th March 2012

At last we have decided where all the puppies are going to, so they now have names

Kool Khono





Skye and Odin

Skye and Sonny

Khono and Monti

Kool Khono looking very aloof!! 


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