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Litter March 2011

1 Year old and Upwards

Odin relaxing in the sun

Odin getting ready for Summer!! 

Ruby 2 years 2 months

27th March 2013

2 years old today



Yogi chilling out on the sofa!!!

Zak January 2013

Odin December 2012

Yogi December 2012

Odin the Reindeer!!

Zak on holiday

Jasmine (Staubach Jodi von der Wald) enjoying herself on holiday

Jasmine relaxing on holiday

Jasmine on holiday with her family

Ruby 17.5 months old

Ruby - 17 months old

Steffi & Ruby (Mother and Daughter)

A bald Jenta!!

Odin (Staubach Jozef von der Wald) in Cork Ireland

 Jasmine - Staubach Jodi Von Der Wald

First Junior female, Windsor Championship Show, 28th June 2012

Judges Critique: 1st Watson's Staubach Jodi Von Der Wald.  Feminine typy head developing.  Dark eyes.  Lovely rich tan. Good reach of neck.  Broad deep chest.  Well laid shoulders. Nice rounded rump. Low set tail. Moved well. (5 in class, 2 absent. Jasmine is now qualified for Crufts 2013)



5th June 2012

We have received the following pictures of Odin


27th March 2012

We can't believe that 12 months have passed since the birth of Steffi and Geilo's litter

Johann, who of course stayed with us

Odin who went to Southern Ireland

Zak who went to St.Helens


This is the "little girl", Mabel that we nearly  lost at 4 weeks old

Jenta, who stayed with us


Yogi and Misha with his birthday cake (1 day early)

Jasmine 1 year old

Lewis 1 year old

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