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News Update

May 2012

 29th May - Kheno and Khono will be 4 months old this week, so we have extended their walks to 20 minutes.


They are very well behaved on the lead,

but they love to be off the lead exploring

They also love playing with the older dogs, this is Katie chewing her bone, whilst Kheno plays with his elder sister Jenta and the tuggy, Freya is in the background chewing her bone.

Kheno and Khono - 16 weeks old (see Litter Feb 2012 for more pictures)


27th May -  Today we had a good day, this morning our friend Martin came to see us, he brought with him his two dogs, Mabel from our litter last year is the litter sister of our Johann and Jenta. We were very very pleased to see Mabel (and Martin), we could not believe how well she has grown since she left us. He also brought with him his other female Frieda, she is also a daughter of Geilo from his 5th litter, it was nice to take pictures of all of them. We were able to take pictures of Geilo with his daughters and also Mabel with her younger brother Kheno and younger sister Khono. Visually Khono and Mabel are very similar. 


Geilo and his three daughters - Freya, Mabel and Frieda

 Mabel and Khono

Mabel and Khono

Johann and Mabel 

23rd May 2012 -  May goes from bad to worse for us as today we had to say a very sad goodbye to our beautiful brave Princess Pia. She had been gradually deteriating over the last few weeks, Pia was nine and a half years old and had been blind since she was two years old. When we were told by the Specialist that Pia was blind we had no idea how she would manage, we had no need to worry at all because Pia showed her fantastic character was still the same, she had a great strength and coped with her disability very easily. In fact a number of our visitors did not even realise that Pia was totally blind. All of our dogs were very good with her and she was with them, our puppies loved Pia, our two youngest Khono and Kheno would often climb on her, pull her ears and tail and play with her. Pia was a wonderful advert for the breed with her wonderful temperament which never changed throughout her life. We thank Sonja and Reg (Glanzberg) for a very special girl who will always be in our hearts and be our beautiful Princess. Rest in Peace our beautiful Pia. 

Pia with her best friend Jodi

12th November 2002 - 23rd May 2012



20th May 2012 -  On a happy note today we celebrate Elkie's 5th Birthday, we cannot believe that it is now five years since Elkie was born, she is a daughter of Geilo from his first litter. We also send Birthday Wishes to Elkie's litter sister Hunny and litter brothers Tigg and Hudson.

See our page Hip and Elbow Scores for the latest results for puppies from our 'J Litter' and our Italian female Katie.


Happy Birthday Elkie - 5 years old


18th May 2012 -  Today we had a sad telephone call from Clare Crispin to let us know that today she had to give their beautiful female Tascha sleep after a short illness, Tascha was from our litter 7, she was 6 years and 5 months old. To make matter worse Clare's husband Simon was abroad working and it is also one year to the day that they had to say goodbye to Kira. We send Clare and Simon our wishes at this very sad time.


Tascha 6 years 4 months old  


13th May 2012 - New pictures added of Odin, Sonny and Skye, see their picture page on the Litter February 2012 page.


10th May 2012 -  Our website has been offline now for 10 days and is only just back up and running today.  As you can imagine, we have lots of  pictures and news to add, but this is going to take some time.  Keep checking everyday and hopefully it will not be too long before we are upto date.

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