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News Update

July 2012

31st July 2012: Final pictures added to Geilo and Nala puppies taken on the wedding day.


Anna and Bella


26th July 2012: Congratulations to Odin (Staubach Jozef von der Wald) and to his owners Pat and Majella in Cork for the hip and elbow results for Odin from the BVA/KC Scheme. Results HD: 3/5 = 8   ED: 0/0. (see Geilo's Litters page, Litter 12 and Hip and Elbow Results page)


25th July 2012: We have heard from Sally Murphy (Kinelarty) the hip and elbow results for her two young female's who are Geilo's daughters from his litter to Ir Ch & Intl Ch. Kinelarty hope and Glory. Results: Kinelarty Ruby Celebration HD: 6/4 - ED: 0/0   Kinelarty Gloire De Jewel in the Crown HD: 4/6 - ED: 0/0.(see Geilo's Litters page, Litter 11 and Hip and Elbow Results page)

24th July - More pictures to Geilo - Nala's puppy page, you will see some beautiful Wedding picture's of Anna and her puppies, how very special they will always be.


I'm not throwing this over my shoulder for you to catch!!


23rd July - We have added new pictures to the following pages: News Update - Litter February 2012 for Khono, Kheno and Odin, we have added three new pages (1) Katie Therapy Dog (2) Geilo/Nala Puppies (3) Home Visitors Book. We will be adding more pictures and updates over the coming days.

As everybody was at the wedding, the puppies had to go along too!!


22nd July - Today was sunny and warm like yesterday which was good as we were having visitors this afternoon to meet us and our dogs, we had the pleasure to meet Stuart and Donna with their two young children Jessica and Daniel. The children had not seen a Bernese before, they were used to dogs having had a Spaniel and Springer Spaniel, the last who sadly died one year ago, the difference in size was no problem to Daniel and Jessica. They both played with, cuddled and layed with all our dogs in our house, all the dogs had a great time with them and loved all the cuddles.   


 Katie, Daniel and Geilo

 Freya with Jessica

On their next visit Daniel and Jessica are going to do some carting with Geilo and take some of the dogs for a walk. Mum and Dad also loved the dogs and they all had an enjoyable few hours visit with us.

Katie with Jessica, displaying her wonderful temperament  



21st July - We left home early this morning for our trip to Norfolk to the home of Anna and Julian to see their puppies from their female Nala and Geilo, they were six and a half weeks old. Mid way through our drive we  stopped at the home of Janet and Ray, they are havining one of the puppies, we had six of our Bernese in their garden. We then continued our drive to Norfolk, this is a part of the country we have never been to. When we arrived at Anna and Julian's home again all our dogs had a good time on their large front garden, they were kept away from where the puppies are. We took lots of pictures and then went inside to see the puppies. They were on the back garden with two in the kitchen, we were very pleased to see Nala and the puppies, this was hers and also Anna and Julian's first litter. All the puppies had 100% temperements, they were developing their characters well, we took lots of puppy pictures. We will add a seperate page for Nala and Geilo's puppies over the next few days once we have them all downloaded, we are sure you will like them.


Nala, Anna and Geilo


After spending a great afternoon there we had to leave for our drive home, again we stopped at Janet and Ray's for half an hour. As you know Bernese people have no idea what so ever of time so we sat in the garden on a beautiful evening with the dogs and cups of tea for one hour before starting our final drive home. Before we left they told us their friend had been on our homepage and had identified the bird on our page 'Staubach Country'. The bird is a Woodcock.



 Elkie, Khono, Kheno, Katie, Freya, Geilo with Ian, their Neighbour Celia and Ray!


We had a great day, thanks to Anna, Julian, Nala and her puppies, also to Ray and Janet who are counting down the days before they collect their puppy.


Bisto - we think!!

15th July - At last, this weekend it has been sunny and warm, we were able to give Khono and Kheno a bath on Saturday, today we bathed Geilo and Elkie. We have added new pictures below and to the following page: Litters February 2012, see Khono and Kheno's pages for their pictures.

Khono, Kheno (5.5 months old) and Elkie their older half sister

Kheno whispering in his sister Khono's ear

Do you think her warned her he was going to sit on her head !!

Geilo after his bath

It is nice to be clean and fresh

Elkie after her bath


14th July - Congratulations to Odin (Staubach Jozef von der Wald) and his owners Pat and Majella who today were at the Irish Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show in Dublin. The judge was Mr S. Frisk from Finland, he awarded Odin First place in the Junior male class, in second place was a young male who won his class over Odin a few weeks ago.



8th July - We have added new pictures to the following pages: News Update, (picture of Mollie below), Our Puppies (Skye), Geilo's Litters page (see litters 1 - 14 and 17).



5th July - Today we celebrate the Second Birthday of Freya (Kinelarty Nordic Freya at Staubach), we also send birthday wishes to her sisters Tillie and Mollie who live in Ireland and hope they too have a nice day. Unfortunatly we have not been able to go to school over the past few weeks so Freya will miss her birthday with the children this year.

Freya's litter sister Mollie 2 years old 

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