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Geilo - Nala puppies

Bella at the seaside

Bella & Caspar 10 years old!!

Bisto - 18 weeks


Misiek - 10 weeks old

Bisto - 8 weeks old in his new home

Elmo - 8 weeks old in his new home

Anna with Nala and Geilo

Julian with Nala and Geilo, with Freya looking on


The puppies are now seven weeks old in this group picture taken in their home by Anna, we are sure their new owners will be able to find their puppy in the group.


On Sunday 21st July 2012 we went to Norfolk to see this litter sired by Geilo, we had a great time with the puppies, their mother Nala has excellent temperement. We will be adding pictures of Nala and Geilo to this page so you can compare the parents to the puppies. We will continue to add any pictures we receive of Nala's puppies to this page over the coming years. 









Nala with her puppies

Anna with the puppies on her wedding day!!

After the wedding the puppies went along to the reception, as there was nobody to look after them, they were all at the wedding!! 


Bella and Bisto







The following pictures, of the wedding, were sent to us by Anna and Julian.  Many thanks to Anna and Julian for allowing us to use their beautiful photographs on our web page.

Nala and Anna

Nala and Julian - we love this one

Anna and Bella

Anna and Nala, her bridesmaid

Anna and Bella

This is more original than a bunch of flowers

Anna and Bella

Anna with the puppies and Billy no mates!!

and again

Grandma's bedtime story

Bernese pups make excellent doorstops!!


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