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Home Visitors Book

In 2001 we started a visitors book for the many people who come to see us and our dogs at our home, over the years we have had visitors from all over the UK and overseas too. We welcome all visitors to meet us and our dogs so they can appriciate the breed, many have only seen pictures before, we are happy to introduce them to our wonderful breed and give any guidance. We have transcribed all our visitors comments from our home visitors book to our homepage so people visiting our homepage can read lthe commentsmade by our visitors have made over the years.

(Unfortunatly while I was adding the latest entries today 21st Nov 14 theynall disappeared so I will have to input them all again, starting with the most recent, trust me Jill will tell me how stupid I am)


9th November 2014: Thank you so much for letting us come tosee your dogs. you have been so kind and it just confirmed that it is the breed for us as a family. Graham, Catherine and Joshua Richardson. Durham.


28th September 2014: Thank you so much for taking the time to introduce us to your gorgeous dogs. We are in love! We hope to see you both again very soon! you have confirmed it to us Bernese all the way! Owain Evans and Jonathan Marilleau. London.


30th August 2014: Fabulous afternoon with your stunningly magnificent family of Bernese Mountain Dogs and gorgeous puppies. Such a privilage. Thank you!   E. Spencer-Doodbridge. Essex.


23rd August 2014: We absolutely love your dogs!! we fell in love with your puppies too. You have been incredibly kind and hospitable to look after us so well and share your time with us. We've had a fantastic morning, thank you!! We'd love to keep in touch. Hilary, Stephen and Emily Lamont. Derby


The following five comments are from our friends and owners who have puppies from our first litter from  Johann and Freya's litter:


5th September 2014: Thank you very much for trusting us again with one of your puppies. Madi is absolutely beautiful and will be a perfect companion for Zak. This means we will be visiting you all more often now!! Adrian, Judith, Josh, Sam and Harry Taylor. St Helens, Lancashire. (Madi is their third Bernese of ours and first female, they have Zak now, their first puppy was Paddy)


17th August 2014: Thanks so much for a lovely puppy 'Archie' as you say, some things were just meant to be. Rest assured he will be loved and cherished just as Tiaa has been. Thanks again. Michael, Clare and Ian Cook. Whitton Gilbert, County Durham. (Archie is their second Bernese of ours,mtheir other one is Tia she has just turned ten years old)


16th August 2014: thank you so much for entrusting 'Niamh' to us, you know we willlove her and you will see plenty of her. Keep watching Facebook for updates on her. Sally and Philip Murphy. Ballynahinch, County Down. (Niamh's mother Freya was bred by Sally and Philip from their female Star and Geilo)


15th August 2014: Thank you for looking after 'Magnus' so well, it is obvious he loves you dearly. We promise to look after him and I'm sure he will love his new friends at home Seamus and Archie. We will keep you updated with photo's of his progress. Thank you Lisa and family. Lisa, Jonathan, Charlotte and Jacob Rogan. St Annes, Lancashire.


14th August 2014: Thank you so much for 'Osk'a', both boys so surprised and can't wait to look  after him. Thanks for all your time and dedication. Best Regards Harsha, Alps and family .Northampton.  (Harsha and Alps had Odin from us, he was Tia's litter brotherwho Michael and Clare Cook have, sadly Odin died when he was over nine years old. He celebrated his ninth birthday here with Tia, a great day)



2nd August 2014: Just been to see the litter of puppies and visit our beautiful 'Magnus' who i'm sure is going to fit into our family perfectly. Wonderful to see them all looking so chunky and cute. Lisa Rogan, St Anne's.


1st August 2014:  (our note) Today we had a surprise visit fromBernese friends  Coral and David Dennis from Canada, they were on holiday staying at York and calledbin to,see us. They saw all the dogs and our puppies, one of which (Niamh) was going to,,theirbIrish friends Sally and Philip. A nice surprise visit from Coral and David. Canada B.C.


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