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News Update

August 2012

25th August 2012: Today we had a visit from Nigel and Ozzy who live near us, Ozzy who is 7 months old is Geilo's son from his litter number born in Cambridge. New pictures added to our following pages: 'Our Puppies' (1 year upwards) - Litter February 2012 - New pages added for our puppies Khono and Kheno.


Ozzy - 7 months old (Geilo's litter 14) meets his Dad

Ozzy - 7 months old and Dad Geilo

Ozzy - 7 months old (Geilo's Litter 14)

Ozzy (7 months) with his half brother Kheno (6.5 months)

Ozzy (7 months) chasing Khono (6.5 months)

Ozzy having a rest


12th August 2012: We hope you like the pictures below, they were taken yesterday when our for a walk near our home, this is the first time we have been able to take some family group pictures. New pictures of Monti, Odin, Kheno and Khono added to 'Litter February 2012' page

Steffi with children Kheno, Khono and their older sister Jenta


Jenta 16 months wth Kheno and Khono her 6 month old brother and sister


Khono, Kheno and out Italian girl Katie


Johann - 16 months old, litter brother of Jenta and older brother of Kheno and Khono


4th August 2012: We went to Pickering Traction Engine and Steam Fair today, this is a large event in North Yorkshire, we meet up with our friends from the Penine Carters Group. They attend this four day event every year where they do a carting demonstration in the main events ring, the group also have a stand there where they answer questions from the general public on all aspects of Bernese ownership. 


Daniel with Kheno


Jessica with Khono 

This year we had our two six month old puppies Kheno and Khono with us. The venue with all the machines, steam organs, tractors, small gauge railway, loud tanoy systems, thousdands of people, other dogs and other distractions is excellent for puppy socialisation. We were joined durning the day by the Hall family who visited us at home a few weeks ago, the children Jessica and Daniel took immediate control of Khono and Kheno. They took them for short walks standing by the train with it's whistle blowing, walked them to the ice cream van, introduced them to many people and even did a little show training for us. The puppies had a great time, we changed them over from time to time with the other dogs we had, Daniel was walking Geilo around behind the Carters tent and cars with ease, Jessica had her favourite Freya.    

Show training!!


Kheno with Daniel


Khono with Jessica - synchronised!!

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