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Geilo's Litters

Litter 19 - Dale Gudbrand's C-Geilo ZaLa at Staubach (Imp Nor) HD: 2/2 = 4 - ED: 0/0 x Emberfay Simply the Best of Delphinia ED: 6/6 = 12 - ED: 0/0

Litter Pedigree please click on following link:

Here are the pedigree names of the puppies:


               Delphinia Starturn            (Jett)            

               Delphinia Starlight           (Chablis)             

               Delphinia Stardom           (Xena)          

               Delphinia Starfall              (Betsy)    

               Delphinia Blondie Bear   (Zoe)            

 Zoe with Geilo

Is it all right if I lean on yu dad?

Zoe enjoying a play in the snow

Zoe with her mum





Chablis arrving at her new home

7 weeks old

Zoe - 6 weeks old

Betsy - 6 weeks old

Chablis - 6 weeks old

Xena - 6 weeks old

Jett - 6 weeks old

6 weeks old

6 weeks old

Zoe - 6 weeks old

6 weeks old



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