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News Update

February 2013

19th February  As he is now just over one year old we were able to have Kheno's hips and elbows assessed under the BVA/KC Scheme. Today we received the results, his scores are:  HD: 2/3 = 5   ED: 0/0, these will be published on his litter page and our Hip and Elbow Results page and also like all our dogs on the BernerGarde site. We will wait a few months to have Khono his litter sister  assessed under the scheme.



4th February  Why does the snow always bring the best pictures of Bernese?  New pictures added to the following pages: Geilo's Litters, litters 16,18,19 and 9. - Litter February 2012, Odin and Sonny. Planned Litters and  "Our Puppies page, 1 year and upwards" - We have also added more pictures to "Zoe's page"(birth to 6 months), she is the most amazing and UNIQUE Bernese you will ever see.


1st February  A very happy 1st birthday to Steffi's last letter with Geilo, Khono and Kheno below, Skye (Scotland), Sonny (Wales),  Monti (Ireland), and Odin (Lancashire).

Birthday Messages



Hi Jill and Ian, Yes it is unbelievable that Skye is a year old. What a lovely year we have had with her and look forward to many more. A very Happy Birthday to Kheno and Khono from Skye and all of us here. (Sandra,Roger Brown and family - Scotland)

Hi Ian and Jill, Happy 1st birthday Kheno, Khono, Odin, Skye, Monti and Sonny hope ye have a wooftastic day!! Lots of woofs from your older brother Odin. x x (Pat and Majella in Cork Ireland).


Hi everyone , Sonny has had a lovely day today, two walks and then he had a big beef bone from the butcher which kept him busy for hours, he also had a cake with a No. 1 candle and took a big bite as soon as he could and ate half of it ! Happy Birthday to Khono and Kheno hope they had a nice day too , this first year has gone by so quickly but has been full of fun with our lovely Sonny. x x (The Scanlan's and Sonny, Wales) 
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