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News Update

March 2013

27th March  Today we celebrate the second birthday of the puppies from our long waited own litter from Geilo, he and Steffi produced a very nice litter for us. We cannot believe how quickly the last two years have passed, we send Birthday Wishes to: Odin, Zak, Yogi, Lewis, Merlin, Mabel, Ruby, Jasmine, Jura and of course to our two Johann and Jenta. Also Bigs Hugs to all Freya and Katie, OH!! and Jill and Ian of course. We hope to add some new pictures as soon as we receive them from all the families. See new pictures added to Our Puppies 1 year and upwards


Geilo with his son Johann, who is 2 years old today


25th March  Sorry for the lack of news this month, the weather has been so bad we have not been able to take any new pictures or go far with our dogs.  We did go to Crufts, however we did not show the dogs that had been entered as Ian was full of cold, the week before and we were unable to prepare the dogs, in fact we cancelled our hotel room early in the week as he didn't feel upto going and as the week wore on he felt a little bit better, so we re-booked it!!  We have had visists from people to see the dogs and also people who have brought dogs to see us, but when we have been out for walks, it has been too cold and wet to take photos!!  If we had lots of snow, it never seems as cold, but is has mainly been wet and miserable or a freezing cold wind.

4th March  New pictures and notes added to Zoe's Page.


3rd March  Today our friends Sue and Keith Brown (Delphinia Bernese) the breeders of the beautiful unique puppy Zoe, (father Geilo and mother Hetty - Geilo's Litter 19) the last time we saw her she was six weeks old, she is now four months old, we had been longing to see her. When they arrived we were not disappointed, she is growing well with a fantastic temperement and character, Zoe came into our house and made herself at home straight away. She found a bone and toy to play with, we allowed all our dogs in to see her and she loved them all and they liked playing with her.


The weather was nice so we were able to take Zoe out for a short walk with Geilo her father and Freya her half sister. Our friends Nicola and Tony who live near us wanted to come and see Zoe too so they joined us on our walk, they thought Zoe was gorgeous to. You will find more pictures and news about Zoe's visit on her own page, see Zoe's Page, she has a large Fan Club and we received emails for Zoe from all around the World.


Zoe feeling at home in our living room


Hi Dad - 'I love you'  (Zoe and her father Geilo)

Can you catch me


Who left this bottle on the path?


Smile for the camera please?


Zoe waiting for Geilo and Freya to come back from their run to the stream


Chewing a Deer Antler after our walk


On the way back from our walk we saw Geoff and his Bernese female Ruby, she is Johann and Jenta's litter sister and Kheno and Khono's older big sister. So Ruby is my half sister, her father is Geilo too. I hope you like the pictures and story on my own page.


Homeward Bound

Zoe sleeping in the van on her way home

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