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News Update

October 2013

19th October: Today we have mixed emotions at Staubach, as whilst we welcomed the birth of Johann's first litter, congratulations to Monika and Tomaz and their female Saba on the birth of their six puppies, (see Johann's litters page for mor information), we also received some very sad news that yesterday Oden, Staubach Gregor vom der Wald, from our 6th litter and who had recently celebrated his 9th Birthday on the 24th August, sadly had to be given sleep, after a short illness.

Our thoughts, are with Oden's family who gave him a wonderful home for the last 9 years.

Oden enjoying a walk when he came to see us on his 9th Birthday, we are so happy that he came to see us that day, along with his siter Tia. He was a son from of first litter of Casji (Imp Belgium) and our male Heiko.

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