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Litter Dec 2013

Week 1

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Our litter of 2 puppies, were born on the 9th/10th December 2013, a female was born first on the 9th December and her brother followed on the 10th December.  Katie and Geilo our Italian and Norwegian imports are the proud parents.

Day 1

My mam and me

Here I am!!

Day 3

Will my nose be as big as yours 1 day?

I'll make myself comfortable and lay on my brother!

Katie is a wonderful mother, she doesn't like leaving the puppies at all

the little girl is nearest the camera

Katie with her two puppies

Day 4

Puppies at this age do nothing but sleep and eat, but it does mean that you can get some decent photographs as they are quite relaxed and not wiggling all the time!

At this stage the little girl is almost half as big again as the boy, hence her nickname at the moment Big Porky!

But as we have discovered in the past, this means nothing

It is always interesting to take a photograph against a foot

or a head to compare at a later date

There is also a sure fire way of making sure the puppy doesn't move whilst being cleaned!!

Day 5

Most of the following pictures are of Katie and one of the puppies, the girl.  Only because she spends most of her time lying with Katie at the front of the box, whilst the boy tends to be either feeding or tucked up under Katie.


This is the little boy

The little girl gets into some strange positions

She does like posing for the camera

She will lie on either side

she's not fussy

but she does like to be close

the little boy likes to snuggle in more

her head is almost as big as Katie's nose

but I think Katie also likes being close to her

Well the first week will be over tomorrow, so no more pictures now until week 2.


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