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Litter Dec 2013

Week 2

1 week old
This is the boy
Katie and the little girl
Boy 1 week old
Girl 1 week old
Their noses are just starting to turn black, no sign yet of their eyes opening, but they are both very mobile
in the box, almost walking.
Day 11
The puppies eyes have now just about opened, but they still are finding plenty of time to sleep
Still, when all you do is eat all day, there is not much else to do!
Day 12
Katie just loves being close to her puppies
When she feeds them she is only
out of the box for a very short time
and then she is back in just sleeping with them
This is the boy
this is also the boy
and from the other side
and again
this is the girl
and again
no escape from a wash
she has big feet
and a big head
this is the boy's head
they both like sleeping
across Katie's front legs
the girl is like
her mother for sleeping on her back
whilst the boy adopts a more conventional position
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