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Litter Dec 2013

Week 8 - Visit to school

We took the puppies to the special needs school that Ian visits with our therapy dogs
right from the start they were very patient
as they were introduced to some very different
situations with lots of different people
handling them
and lots of new surfaces
for them to explore.  The boy took a liking
to this girls sock
so much so that he tried to
and succeeded in pulling it off!!
Lieshka was happy lying on the bed next to this boy who was asleep
which is  strange, because when I lie with her she bites my hair
the staff then got the bubbles out
and the balls
the boy wasn't so sure about the big one, keeping
a watchful eye before having a drink
the girl was taking everything in that was going on
I'm wet after my drink
I need a cuddle please
Ok son, but not for long
you are too heavy
any chance of a
cup of tea for me?
They then discovered the mirror
I'm much better looking than the one at the back, he doesn't join in either!
just one more child to see
then we can have a well deserved
Considering that they were just over 7 weeks old, the puppies were so gentle and totally unphased by all the strange noises and equipment, that they encountered.  Many thanks to the school for allowing us to take them in to see the children
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