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Litter Dec 2014

Week 3

24th December 2014 - A selection of Christmas pictures of the puppies who will be 3 weeks old tomorrow
I love you Father Christmas
Miss P with Father Christmas
2 Girls, who we will call Flash and Jazzy
Miss P and Flash
Miss P and Jazzy
Miss P, Flash and Jazzy
Miss P and Mr Greedy
Miss P
Miss P again
and again
Mr Greedy nd Ringo 2 males
Miss P
Mr Greedy
and again
I need my scarf on if I am going up into the mountains!
Hey Father Christmas
Ringo again
Jazzy I think
and again
not sure who this is, but its either Jazzy or Ringo
Hello Mr Christmas
having fun
with the props
I've had enough of you Mr Christmas
Ringo and Miss P sleeping after the photo shoot
along with Flash and Jazzy
We decided it was time to start weaning the puppies today
we started with just a small dish
just to give them a taste
the next meal we introduced the puppy feeder
and increased the amount of food
the food is the puppy food they will eventually be on
mixed with a little whelpi, a puppy milk
they soon get the hang of it, it can be a bit messy to start with
but they either clean themselves or
Katy helps out
where she can
it is surprising how quickly they
learn and soon climb over the top
or push each other out of the way.
When they are finished
it is time
to cuddle
up together
and go to
sleep, until the next time
The puppies are now 2 weeks old and coming along nicely.
Katie is a very good mother
she is always cleaning the puppies
The puppies still like to be close to either Katie
or each
nose to nose
Leishka who was from Katies last litter and is now 1 year old
likes to watch what they are up to.
but they are also
starting to find
their own space
and all  of them now have their eyes open.
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