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News Update

January 2015




25th Janaury 2015 See Litter December2014 week 8 for new puppy pictures.

Mr Greedy 7 weeks

24th January 2015 - Nikki's litter brother came to see her today, he is called Archie.

Come on bruv, let's walk!

Archie and Nikki

A couple of weeks ago, her litter sister Maddie, also visited

Maddie and Nikki

20th January 2015 - This is a picture of Johann in the snow we had at the weekend,  It has not been edited in any way whatsoever, he just stood and posed!  For latest pictures of the litter, see Litter December 2014 week 7.


15th January 2015 - Our current litter are 6 weeks old this week, for the latest pictures see Litter December 2014, week 7. Nikki's litter sister Maddie and her family came to see us last week, they are 7 months old this week.

they enjoyed a walk together

Maddie on the left and Nikki on the right

 11th January 2015 - Happy 4th Birthday to our beautiful Katie our Italian import, Katie Del Lago di Tenno, who also a wonderful Mother to our current litter, born on the 4th December 2014.


9th January 2015 - See litter December 2014 week 6 for latest puppy pictures.

Bella and the bee!

2nd January 2015 -  See Litter Dec 2014, week 5 for latest puppy pictures.

Nikki 6 months old

Nikki 6 months old

Nikki 6 months old

1st January 2015 - A very Happy New Year to all our friends.  The picture in the photograph is Lieshka, who is jut a year old.


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