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News Update

March 2015


31st March 2015 - Happy birthday to our beautiful DiJana who is 2 years old today.  Thanks to Jana for letting us have this beautiful girl who is an absolute joy to live with.

Dijana - 2 years old

29th March 2015 - We have had lots of people visit us over the last few weeks to see Freya's puppy, Yogi.  This has meant we have been able to get lots of pictures, here are a selection.

DiJana, Nikki, Luka, Phina and Zoe

Phina and Zoe

The gorgeous Zoe


Magnus 9 months

his Sister Nikki 9 months

Nikki and Magnus


Yogi - 7 weeks


27th March 2015 - Happy 4th Birthday to our J litter.  There were 11 puppies, Johann, Jenta, Jasmine, Ruby, Mabel, Odin, Lewis, Yogi, Merlin, Jura and Zak.

Johann 4 years old

Ruby 4 years old

Jenta 4

Odin - 4 years old

Zak 4 years old

Lewis 4 years old



Steffi and Jenta


22nd March 2015  Firstly, we must apologise for the lack of recent news on our web site of our current litter and our dogs.  Ian has been putting pictures on Facebook, which is so quick and easy to do compared with updating the website, when all the photos have to be reduced in size before they can be added, which takes a lot of time, Facebook can be updated directly from the IPad.

We received some sad news today as Jasmine, from Geilo and Steffi's first litter, died suddenly after a very short illness.  She would have been 4 years old on the 27th March.  Our condolences to Sharon Stephanie and Dave, our thoughts are with you we know that you are devastated and know how hard it is when you lose one of your Bernese, it never gets any easier.  R.I.P. Jasmine 27.03.2011 - 21.03.2015.



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