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News Update

May 2015


28th May 2015 - Khono's puppies are born!!  Khono's puppies showed up 24 hours early.  We had her scanned at 4 weeks and there were 3 on the scan.  At  8 weeks, still only 3 on the scan.  She ended up with a litter of 12, 7 of which survived, 4 boys and 3 girls.  Unfortunately we lost 1 boy at 2 days old, for no apparent reason, he was one of the biggest.  He fed at 1.30 but then when we went to feed again at 3.30 he had died.  So we have a litter of 6, 3 boys and 3 girls. Pictures to follow:

Khono 3 years old

The father of Khono's litter, Nisco Puchate Kreple, who is a Polish dog, his father is Trey Von Romanshof.

25th May 2015  - Apologies again for the lack of updates to our home page.  We have been away for the last three weeks at various events with the dogs and don't seem to have had a minute to spare to update the web site.  Ian has been adding pictures to his Facebook page, which is quick and easy to do.  We have just added a page to Facebook for Staubach Bernese Mountain dogs and we will be adding pictures received of Staubach dogs and Staubach bred dogs to there on a more regular basis.  We will of course still have our web page. Here are a selection of recent pictures.  We have a litter due at the end of the week, but will try and update our site regurarly, but do check out the Facebook pages.

Kheno after a bath

a solemn Katie

Lieshka, Katies daughter 16 months

Lieshka after a bath





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