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News Update

August 2015

2nd August 2015 - We always enjoy the visits of Judith, Ade, Josh, Sam, Harry, Zak and Madi, it is usually a good excuse for lots of photos.  Their recent visit was no exception. Zak is their second Bernese, they previously had Paddy who was a son of Tascha and their third Bernese is Madi who is a litter sister to Nikki and daughter of Freya  and Johann. Enjoy the pictures.

Madi 13 months, litter sister to Nikki

Zak 4.5 years, litter brother to Johann and Jenta

Madi, Nikki, Zak and DiJana

Nikki and Madi

Nikki with Sam and Madi with Ade

Zak and DiJana

Whilst they were here, we still had two puppies from our last litter with us, Inka and Niko, so not be left out they had cuddles with the whole family loving all the attention they were getting

Harry and Niko

Inka and Harry

Sam and Inka, Harry and Niko

Josh and Inka

Inka and Sam

Inka and Jude


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